Chocoholic Hell!


In July 2012 I gave up smoking, now I'm trying to lose the weight to feel great, but my weakness is chocolate! I'm honestly a chocoholic, I crave it every day, anyone else in the same boat or any ideas how I can kick the habit?

Out of everything in life that I have given up for the better this is the hardest! Any help would be great!


  • himilayaneyes
    himilayaneyes Posts: 204 Member
    Congrats on quitting smoking. However you don't have to give up chocolate. Just eat it in moderation. U can also try eating really rich chocolates like godiva. Those satisfy the craving with less.
  • wendyapple
    wendyapple Posts: 323 Member
    chocoholic here! ghirardelli squares. individually wrapped, 50-60cals each. i keep them in an annoying spot so they're a pain to get to, and only allow myself one a day. mostly i have it with tea. it's a little bit of a relaxation ritual. but it works for me.