I lost a sewing machine!

Yep! No lie.my sewing machine weighs 28 lbs so technically I have lost MORE than a sewing machine!

I'm cracking my guys up because I keep bringing bigger and bigger things out of my closet and making them lift them. First it was an enormous 3 ft tall coin jar with some coinage in the bottom, next it was my sewing machine, and lastly the set of suitcases. The closest II found in tonage was the 3 suitcases, one inside another, inside another that I struggled to get down the hallway to them. Huffing and puffing and insisting they lift yet another example! They could not believe I'd been carrying around a set of suitcases on my body! I can't believe I carried the suitcases hiking up a mountain last fall! No wonder my back was soaked with sweat when it was all done.

I wonder what I'll come up with for them to lift in another 30lbs(?) hmmmm.....maybe a bathroom fixture..perhaps a toilet or even a bathroom counter(?). Whatever it is....BRING IT ON!!,


  • Congrats!
  • kayduro
    kayduro Posts: 249 Member
    My son is now finding things around the house that weigh about 31lbs. He. Just brought me the HUGE ottoman from the family room! I guess we're just in a silly mood today:)
  • NextChapter60
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    Gongrats on the loss! And I think the visual comparison is a great idea. Losing just a few pounds can be discouraging, until we see it as a bag of rice or a gallon of milk. Thanks for sharing!
  • Cynkane
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    That is great!! I love stuff like this. When I was down 3 pounds my husband laughed when I told him I had lost a brain (read somewhere that is how much a brain weighs). I love it!!

    Great job on all your hard work!