couch potato here..

Hello, I've been on this site for a couple of months but haven't used these forums .. :)
I'd like some motivating friends though..

I'm a couch potato (though I spend more time on my computer chair.), I don't do a lot of exercise.
I slack a lot. I'm not heavy, I have a pretty nice figure and I love my curves, but I know I have a high fat %.
My goal is to get toned, specially around the mid body. Now I'm 5'3'' and 119lbs, no real goal weight.

So anyone else here like me? :)


  • ph0enix74
    ph0enix74 Posts: 9 Member
    I'm very new and flirting with diabetes, so fighting desperately to learn a new and healthy way of eating while I shed the pounds I really need to get rid of. I am looking for as many supportive friends on my journey as possible. Today's a big day for me, too, since I just kissed the first 10 pounds goodbye. I'm a positive motivator, too, so feel free to add me as a friend! :)
  • bunbunzee44
    bunbunzee44 Posts: 592 Member
    congrats on losing 10 pounds! :) I'll add you.