Too Much Protein

My food diary is showing protein at -5, yesterday it was -3. Why is too much protein bad?


  • AlyssaC2010
    AlyssaC2010 Posts: 100
    I'd definitely like to know that too. Sometimes I go over about 20 or so...I remember reading somewhere someone said too much/too little is bad but never verified. I hope someone can explain it too us!
  • megamom
    megamom Posts: 920 Member
    Ditto on that, mine is always over. I always felt protein was good, helps heal the body.
  • nickkehagias
    As far as I know, that's just showing you that you exceeded your goal. NOT that it's a bad thing. Protein is a very good thing, and you'd be hard pressed to take in too much. *

    The exception to this would be a very large influx of red meats, that can put undue strain on your heart and kidneys.
  • mworld
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    I read about how much is too much all the time and it seems to change drastically from article to article. What does seem to be clear to me

    - there is a point where you can have too much (for extended periods of time)
    - you're proabably not screwing up nor sacrificing any of your workouts if you eat half to all of your weight in lbs in grams of protein (so 180lbs 'sane' range would be 90-180grams of protein for the day).

    worrying about whether something should be 10% or 12% or 20% isn't really all that practical unless you are an olympic athlete or anyone else training 6+ hrs a day.