Weird/unusual reason for wanting to lose weight?

PamelaGatorMom Posts: 348 Member
YES, YES we all wanna be healthier, look better & fit into smaller clothes…but is there something strange or unusual driving you to do this?

For me it JUMPING OUT OF AN AIRPLANE!!! :noway: True story I’ve always wanted to skydive & when I was younger and fit I didn’t have the financial means or even know where to look at to skydive.
So this summer I hope to be under the weight requirements so that I can fulfill my life long dream!


  • sissiluv
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    I've been thinking about joining the Canadian Forces but who knows if they'd even take me. I'm far from the healthiest, mentally/emotionally, and they've got enough on their hands.
    Still gonna call a recruiting centre when I'm physically capable of getting through the fitness test though. Just in case.
  • whierd
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    Space ninja.
  • diodelcibo
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    To see striations in my butt, I want to see them at least once :laugh:
  • paintedlady77
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    Great reason! Sky diving was so much fun! I paid extra to have my jump filmed encase I never get the opportunity to do it again, that way I can always relive it. So worth it! Happy jumping!
  • pseudomuffin
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    For me it JUMPING OUT OF AN AIRPLANE!!! :noway:

    Woah that sounds exciting!!
    Space ninja.

    You would!
  • PamelaGatorMom
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    Space ninja.

    well after reading your profile I made need to add space ninja on my list & here all I have been preparing for is the zombie apocalypse & making sure I can run faster! :laugh: oh & I have lots of guns....but I am a Texas gal so that's kinda a given :bigsmile: