"I'm melting!"

I have to admit that I find myself thinking that sometimes when I look at this Before and During picture:


63 pounds down. I'm not even sure I can lift 63 pounds. I'm darn sure I couldn't carry it around all day and night.

Remember to take progress pictures! When you feel like you're not making any headway, or that you just have too far to go, you can look back at your Before pictures.

And pretty soon you'll find yourself saying, "I'm melting!"

p.s... You can read a short version of what I'm doing on my MFP blog here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/wizbeth1218,
or a more detailed version here: http://fatgirldiariesonline.blog.com/

Edited to resize picture.


  • purplecharm
    purplecharm Posts: 446 Member
    Awesome results! Congrats on your weight loss.
  • deb3129
    deb3129 Posts: 1,294 Member
    You look fantastic!! I also second the recommendation to take pics. I did not when I started, and now I really really wish I had!
  • Oh My, you look amazing,all the features in your face come right out .
    I am new to this and I have tried many things to lose weight
    do you have any tips for me....
    As in what to eat?
    What physical activities to do?
    How did you do it?
    Was there any problems? (Like were there weeks when you did not lose weight)
  • tnsons
    tnsons Posts: 15 Member
    Great job keep it up! Thanks for the motivation:)
  • kritik
    kritik Posts: 110 Member
    You look awesome!! Congrats on your loss, so far!!!
  • sallyaj
    sallyaj Posts: 207 Member
    You go, Girl! What a wonderful feeling.
  • Great job! Thanks for sharing!
  • progers88
    progers88 Posts: 17 Member
    Very nice job!!!!!! Keep it going....you are looking fantastic!!!
  • mamasmaltz3
    mamasmaltz3 Posts: 1,111 Member
    Looking good!
  • katiedid1226
    katiedid1226 Posts: 233 Member
    Congratulations! You are looking good!
  • Shook765
    Shook765 Posts: 117 Member
    You look fantastic! Great job!!!!
  • KatieD060982
    KatieD060982 Posts: 41 Member
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  • XoCountryGirl
    XoCountryGirl Posts: 22 Member
    Great job!
  • You look amazining and your blog is a great read too!
  • rocket_ace
    rocket_ace Posts: 380 Member
    amazing progress (and so short a time too)!!! great!!
  • NewKeriSept2014
    NewKeriSept2014 Posts: 170 Member
    awesome job! you are an inspiration! i am adding you if you dont mind :)
  • nczuczu
    nczuczu Posts: 611 Member
    Incredible difference! You are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the hard work!
  • ktsmom430
    ktsmom430 Posts: 1,100 Member
    You look great! Congratulations!

    I know the feeling about carrying around the extra weight. I was loading a 50# of sunflower seeds and a 20# bag of thistle for the birds in my car this morning, and thinking to myself, "how did you carry around almost twice this much more weight?" It is almost unbelievable.

    Keep up the awesome work!
  • guerabree
    guerabree Posts: 5 Member
    That's impressive! Thanks for sharing!
  • You look amazing! Really inspirational!! Well Done xx:flowerforyou:
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