NEED HELP: Mom with active kids in the evenings

AS I was commenting in another thread I realize I have a crazy life and I’m pretty sure I am not alone so I figured I would ask what other busy parents do, with a teen daughter in drivers ed, plays basketball, runs cross country & track AND a 10 y/o son who plays football, baseball, & basketball our only off season is the summer time.

You see yesterday was a perfect example of my life at least 3 days during the week…
This is how my day went:
5:45am - alarm goes off, I hit the snooze
6:00am – I’m awake but not really out of bed (ready emails off my cell or talking to hubby)
6:15am – up & going making sure my teen daughter & 10 y/o son are getting ready
6:50am – walking out the door for work
7:00am – 3:30pm – WORK
3:40 – home: checked the mail, feed the cat, changed clothes, started a load of clothes & made the bed
4:30 – off to baseball practice with my son (hubby coaches so he has to be there & I’m the team mom which means most of the time I need to be there, plus I like to help out & watch practice)
5:30 –rushed to daughters basketball game which ended at 7:30, it was my night to work the concession stand for the last basketball game so I didn’t leave the school till almost 9pm
9:00pm – hit Subway for dinner
9:15pm – finally home, ate my Subway, got in my stretching & 1.5 mile walk
10:30 – shower, lay out clothes for the next day, make/pack my lunch
By now its 11:30pm it’s time to wind down, switch the clothes from washer to dryer, go over any homework/papers for the kids & catch my DVR’d Dance Moms
12:00am – normally bed :yawn:

Needless to say I don’t wanna be eating at 9:00pm at night.
I do crockpot meals & try to plan ahead on the few busy nights during the week. Also I always have fresh fruits / veggies & healthy items in the house for a quick snack, but I am REALLY REALLY trying to avoid CONCESSION STAND FOOD now that baseball is starting which means 2-3 nights at the ball field (did I mentioned my love/hate relationship with nachos???? :laugh: )

So I was just wondering what else other busy parents do to help stay on schedule in a healthy way…


  • workout_junkee
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    The crockpot is my friend.

    I never bring $$$ to my daughter's games. No money means no concession stand.

    I pack healthy snacks in my purse or a lunchbox in the car.
  • katrwal
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    good advice. also, i either walk/run laps at the games...
  • Get up at 5 to work out and/or no Dance Moms unless you're working out while watching it. :o) Keep protein bars in your purse and car, cut up veggies and bag them so you can grab and go, pack a little cooler with string cheese and greek yogurt to take with you.
  • TAMayorga
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    I am lucky; I work in a place where I can change and go out for a 30-40 min walk/jog every day at lunch. I come back and eat at my desk while I cool off, then get cleaned up with baby wipes, powder, and extra-strength deodorant. (I've asked my co-workers and they say I'm not stinky in the afternoons). I also have a pedometer app on my phone; any time I have a few minutes, you'll see me walking briskly. People may think I'm weird, but most everyone is used to me by now. And my husband does the cooking in the evenings. Another reason I'm lucky.
  • laurasimmons
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    I would get up earlier in the morning to get my workout in.
  • jamk1446
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    If eating at 9pm works for you, then it's okay to eat then. Meal timing isn't important to weight loss. Being uncomfortable about eating late and it contributing to poor food choices is a different matter though.

    The crockpot is a great suggestion. On nights when you are working the concession stand, bring your dinner with you or eat before your shift if you will be tempted by the offerings there. I've worked plenty of concessions, all the parents give each other a break here and there to potty and/or eat.
  • I have no words! I am amazed! How do you do it? 5 hours of sleep? WOW:noway:
  • Looks like my schedule and my hubby travels weekly!!
  • perfectionisntme
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    The crockpot is my friend, I often pre-make my meals, and I'm fortunate enough to have a husband that cooks, too. When it comes to working out. I squeeze it in when I can. 9 times out of 10 I have to split it up.
  • kmbweber2014
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    I get up at 4:45 to work out, I don't ever get to watch tv, I walk during my son's extra curricular, I pack lunches and snacks, and my crockpot and it's timer are my best friends. I work on average of 50 hours a week and my 7 year old has generally 2 extra curricular activities about 4 days a week.
  • piersons
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    I'm in the same boat as you. Last month I started waking up at 5 am to get my work out in. I am not a morning person and have a hard time getting up, but I always feel better knowing I've got my work out done and out of the way. I also feel refreshed and energized through out the day - and I'm exhausted by bed time and get better sleep.
  • preaser
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    Try to take some time on the weekend to prep some meals or sandwich items. When I had those busy times we ate alot of PBJ and ham sandwiches. Take it easy on yourself, Subway is better than McD's and this is where your life is now. One of these days the busyness will all be in college and you wll be glad you spent the time at your kids activites and not home worrying about cooking a fantastic healthly homecooked meal. I used to take a walk around the park at my son's practices. That way I could watch some but also get some exercise in. Good luck!
  • PamelaGatorMom
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    Get up at 5 to work out
    I would get up earlier in the morning to get my workout in.

    I am definitely 100% NOT a morning person :angry: (hence why I lay out clothes, pack lunches etc the night before) the likelihood of me getting out of bed earlier is slim to NONE :noway: and I’m fitting my work outs in (I don’t care if it's 10pm at night)

    It’s being busy during dinner time I’m having trouble with, in the past we would hit the concession stand or a drive thru.
  • PamelaGatorMom
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    I have no words! I am amazed! How do you do it? 5 hours of sleep? WOW:noway:

    :laugh: I guess I am use to it, because even if I can go to sleep earlier I still can't sleep long.
  • PamelaGatorMom
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    The crockpot is my friend.

    I never bring $$$ to my daughter's games. No money means no concession stand.

    I pack healthy snacks in my purse or a lunchbox in the car.

    I like the no $$$ idea!! and I just started keeping snacks on me at all times!
  • janeite1990
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    I get up about 4:50 to exercise at 5:00. I try to get to bed around 9-10. Three kids: cub scouts, gymnastics, and dance. Baseball is about to start up, too. I try to slip in an extra workout on the weekends.

    it took a while to get used to getting up that early, but I'm starting to like it.
  • dirtbikegirl5
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    I would either work out when you get home at 3:40 or I also think working out while watching the television show would be good, too. If I don't work out before work, it just won't get done. My girls each have an hour of homework, at night, that I help them with. I could never get my workout in at night.
    Subway isn't bad if you don't get all the condiments. For dinners, you could definitely do the crock pot. I prefer to just do easier dinners on nights when we are really busy - tilapia in the oven and bagged vegetables. I would rather do fresh vegetables, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
    If you are hungry at the game, bring a protein bar or some yogurt raisins, something that you can grab and go with.
  • s_rouse11
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    Take a few hours (Sunday night, or whatever works) to precook meals and freeze them/put them in tupperware containers. I might cook 8 chicken breast, steam a few cups of baby carrots/ 2 heads of broccoli, precook brown rice or quinoa. When it's already cooked and separated, it's easy to grab your dinner to take with you and eat. It's jsut all about planning ahead and making it a priority. If you plan your meals a few days (or even for teh whole week), you'll find it much easier to stay on track.