My 1st big clothing NSV

I hate shopping and can never find jeans that fit right so when I do, I usually only buy 1 or 2 pair and wear them until the inner thigh has holes in them. Then I usually have to buy the next size up because I've gained weight.

Since I started this, I've been wearing the same size 24 jeans even tho they have been way too baggy the past couple weeks. I didn't have any size 22 because of my shopping aversion and my size 20s (which when I bought them were a tad tight but I had just started one of my previous weight loss failures and thought I'd be able to fit into them soon) were too tight to be comfortable. Well, they were until today. I pulled them on and they fit perfectly!!! WhooHoo. (insert skinny happy dance). Add to it that I"m on the 2nd to last notch in my belt when I started at the very 1st and am wearing a shirt I haven't been able to wear in over 4 years, and I'm feeling super! I just wish I had gotten up earlier to do something cute with my hair, lol.


  • lawandfitness
    lawandfitness Posts: 1,257 Member
    This is honestly the best feeling ever!! I had to go buy new jeans cause my 22's were just to baggy and I looked sloppy, well i was shocked when the 20's were too big too and I fit in the 18's......

    Great NSV!!!! Keep up all the hard work!
  • krithsai
    krithsai Posts: 668 Member
    Be very very proud...this is a job well done! I have this black skirt that is my best size check and when I fit into it, I'll wear it for weeks in a row :D
  • JewelE77
    JewelE77 Posts: 134 Member
    WOO HOO!!! That's so exciting, CONGRATS!!! You are kicking butt! :)))
  • ChangingAmanda
    ChangingAmanda Posts: 486 Member
    Thanks everyone. I've been seeing the change on the scale, the change in measurements, the change in what I can do in the gym, but this is the first time I've ever lost enough weight to go down in clothing size. It does feel awesome and is a good confidence booster.
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