NSV, Finally Laundry is a Good Day!

MysticRealm Posts: 1,264 Member
20 pounds ago I HATED laundry day, cause it meant clothing that had shrunk back to the size they were suppose to be instead of the comfy, WAY stretched out to fit my fat body size they were after a few wears. I hated trying to cram my body into tight pants, leaving me with muffin tops, having the button area on the front jamming into my tummy, pants that made me feel bloated and gross. Having to pull and stretch my shirts so they would stop clinging to my fat tummy.

Now laundry day means that my pants stop being baggy on me and shrink back to a nice fit (or still loose, depending on the pants), being able to put on a shirt and go. Feeling comfy and confident! Can't wait to lose this next 20!!


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