re-introducing myself

I actually started on this site a year and a half ago, but did not take it very seriously. I've been dealing with some personal issues and decided that I wanted a new start, so new account, I looked at my old one as a failure because I always saw the giving up that I did. This weekend I was pretty sick and ate junk, just putting that out there lol. Usually much healthier food choices for me. Anyways I'm looking for some friends that log everyday to help hold me accountable for what I eat and support me because I do not have a lot of outside support besides my husband. As for my stats :

high weight:211
gw 140 or 18% bf
height: 5 feet 6 inches

I'm lifting heavy 3 days a week and doing c210k 3 days a week, so I know this will be a slow, but ultimately long sustaining life style change for myself :happy:


  • paulkempjr
    paulkempjr Posts: 64 Member
    Lifting heavy, a *man after my won heart, lol. Good job on getting back to it though, best of luck.
  • Prettymisssparkles
    Prettymisssparkles Posts: 1,274 Member
    You can add me, I am finally starting to use MFP and I have logged in for 5 days in a row now :D