Anyone doing the 90 Day Challenge @ Lifetime Fitness?

Hi All,

I have just started the 90 day challenge at LifeTime Fitness, my gym, and was wondering if anyone out there is participating? Even if you are not, it is just committing yourself to TRY YOUR HARDEST to reach your fitness goals for yourself in the next 90 days. Set a goal and really push yourself to achieve it.

If anyone is participating in the 90 day challenge throughout the country, friend me and send me a message!


  • JerseyGirlMomof4
    JerseyGirlMomof4 Posts: 14 Member
    my husband and I are doing the 90 Day Challenge. I will be sure to friend you! I;d love to hear your take on the various classes offered on Try it Tuesday.
  • kw67
    kw67 Posts: 30
    anyone doing the one starting this weekend?
  • Refisblind
    Refisblind Posts: 77 Member
    I am doing the one starting this weekend. Have you found a group on here doing the same yet?
  • alisadee
    alisadee Posts: 92 Member
    I'm signing up today weigh in tomorrow.
  • hedegi
    hedegi Posts: 3 Member
    I signed up this weekend!
  • FitCurlysue
    FitCurlysue Posts: 23 Member
    I just signed up Saturday actually and I'm going to be working with a trainer. I have no goal to win the thing. I think the results people get in those 90 days who win are just insane. Losing 100 pounds in 90 days, or even 50-80 is just crazy, and most likely not maintainable. I wish there was a better way to run the thing but oh well.
  • keyariloses
    keyariloses Posts: 74 Member
    I joined and started saturday! Im just using the challenge as the push I need to get under 200 so I want to lose at least 30 pounds in these 90 days. Feel free to add me as well