Paxfaux what do you think of this lifting plan

Tue 02/12/13 01:21 PM


well you can really superset any exercise, even one for the same muscle, but its more pleasant to do differnt ones. I'd probably do it something like this. (although i rarely if ever do an entire work out in supersets, I just pair a few together if i have to save time).


dumbell chest press -2setx8reps
one-arm dumbell row 2x8

dumbell fly -2x8
dumbell pullover 2x8

seated dumbell press -2x8
seated dumbell lateral raise 2x8

dumbell extension 2x8
alternating dumbell curl 2x8

triceps kickback 2x8
seated dumbeel curl 2x8

personally, i'd probably choose different exercise, but thats the best i could do with the ones you chose. The two chests togther (fly and pullover) wont be too bad, but the shoulder exercises will be tougher to get through. Consider subsituting some dumbell squats for the seated laterals. your not going to fail at 8 but its better to get some leg work in.

also consider doing it like a circuit, where you start with the first exercise and contiune to the last one, thats one set. rest, repeat. thats better for weight loss anyway if thats a goal.

Today I did my workout in the order that you put it. I did it as a circuit and also subsituted the dumbell squats for the seated laterals. It took me 32 mins. to go through the circuit twice.

Because I'm new to weights lifting I used 5 lbs for everything except shoulders I used 3 lbs. What I want to know is I have decided to do this as 2 sets for now 2x8. And after 3 weeks will do 3x8. Does this sound like a good plan for starting out? Do you see anything I should change? Should I be doing this 2 or 3 times a week to start.

I know you said you would try different exercies what would they be? Remember that I do this at home. And yes weight loss is one of my goals.

Thanks for your help...........