Annoying co-worker and I'm trying to stay positive!

Ok is it just me or do others get annoyed with friends/co-workers that go on & on about how they are dieting but then continue the same eating habits?

Don’t get me wrong I am not here to judge or question what anyone eat, I don’t deprive myself at all…but if you are gonna come to me & ask me what I am doing to lose weight (and NO my new healthier eating habits are NOT public to most) but this one co-worker came to me & asked because she could see the progress I’ve made.
I shared with her the MFP app, a few things I am doing & some recipes. I even went as far as to say we could bring healthier lunches for each other (one day I bring lunch then she does) she says it sounds like a great idea but never follows through. Also offered to walk with her after work…she’s never available. But talks about the 2 hour nap she took when she got home from work?!?!?!?

The foods she is eating are almost all high in calories & fat but questions why she not only hasn’t lost weight but gained!
Yesterday at lunch time she comes in all proud of herself that she’s going to have Special K cereal for lunch (since she was “bad” & had a fast food item breakfast) I told her I always measure out 1.5 cups because ¾ doesn’t fill me up & just double the serving on my app. She proceeds to get a huge bowl & pour AT LEAST 4 cups of cereal in it. I politely told her that it’s important to actually weigh or measure out the foods you eat since sometimes “eyeballing it” is not accurate (plus I can clearly see she has at 4+ servings in her bowl) “Oh I don’t have time to do all that” next she grabs 3 packets of sweetener and pours it over the cereal…I literally laughed out loud & said REALLY?? Special K cereal is actually pretty sweet w/o adding sugar have you tried it plain? She looked at me like I was crazy & said this is how I always eat it; she did use 2% milk but still.

I couldn’t care less what she eats & does except she’s coming to me every day asking me what I’m doing to lose the weight & look thinner, what I’m having for lunch, did I walk last night etc. I guess the most annoying part is that I am working really hard at changing my eating habits, drinking my water, and exercising. This isn’t some “diet” for me this is really how I want to live my life from here on out. I am a very positive & nice person but I really want to tell her STFU, if you don’t want to make changes you’re NOT going to change.

Any suggestions short of ignoring her (which I don’t want to have to do because we are friends outside of work as well) but dang she is draining me!!


  • Kimberly3013
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    It sounds like she is not ready to make the life change. She might have good intentions of dieting but is just not ready for whatever reason. I would answer her questions about what you are doing but leave it up to her to make the next move. Wait for her to ask you if you will go walking with her, or until she offers to do something that might change the way she eats. You are doing a great job on your weight loss and don't let anyone bring you down from that.

    Personally, for years I thought about wanting to change but just didn't have the drive. I would ask different people what they were doing to lose weight but for me it was more for educational purposes. I wanted to know what works and what doesn't. Maybe she is just trying to take notes (mentally) of what is working and what doesn't for a future change.

    I know it can be annoying, hang in there and just give her the best advise you can (as it sounds like you have been), and leave it at that. Nothing more than advise. When she wants the added support that comes with that advise she can let you know.

    Good luck and stay strong!!