No Valentines Day candy or junk

Okay who wants to join my club? We really don't need it....


  • DontStopB_Leakin
    DontStopB_Leakin Posts: 3,863 Member
    I'm gonna have to pass.

    Love me some Valentine's day chocolate.
  • determined2lose89
    determined2lose89 Posts: 342 Member
    Pass, thanks!
  • cathyfowler662
    cathyfowler662 Posts: 120 Member
    I'll join husband won't be around to give me any anyways....also, I really don't like Valentine's candy. :o)
  • Daniloveshockey94
    Daniloveshockey94 Posts: 348 Member
    Pass, sorry maybe for lent!
  • terri0527
    terri0527 Posts: 678 Member
    I'd be like :cry: and then :sad:
    and if I don't get candy imma be :angry: :mad: :explode:
    :laugh: :laugh: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
  • But the best thing about Valentines Day is getting cheap candy the day after. :huh:
  • No thank you. Godiva please :-)
  • NuggetLovesEdie
    NuggetLovesEdie Posts: 477 Member
    Someone was really thoughtful and put little goodie bags in our mailboxes at work.
    Doesn't mean I'm required to eat it, though.
  • Nobody's giving me candy or jacksquat. so it'll be easy.
  • AuntieMC
    AuntieMC Posts: 346 Member
    I went sugar free a year and a half ago. I don't plan to break it for a hallmark holiday!

    However, If you want some really healthy and guilt-free chocolate, be sure to look for organic 70% to 100% Dark Cacao, with NO milk and NO sugar! These have phytonutrients in it that are actually GOOD for you! Combinations with Mint are good. Some of the products I have enjoyed include Righteously Raw Goji Berry, Righteously Raw Divine Chocolate Mints, and Two Moms in the Raw Almond Truffles. They are sweetened with agave nective, which is about 15 on the glycemic index, I have been told. Some of them are gluten free. While you are at it, consider looking for Fair Trade chocolate, which gives the people who produce it a living wage in their region of the world.
  • tpfoodie
    tpfoodie Posts: 148 Member
    I was all about this, but then my boyfriend got me a box of Whitman's with a teddy bear. :3 So a little chocolate... but only six pieces.
  • leomentlines
    leomentlines Posts: 440 Member
    Haha no valentine to give me candy, but I AM thinking of buying/making myself a nice mimosa :) Just one!
  • a778c466
    a778c466 Posts: 141 Member
    Awww I already failed that or I would have joined. Good luck to you though!
  • Queen_JessieA
    Queen_JessieA Posts: 1,059 Member
    Pass, sorry maybe for lent!

    Lent began today!!

    I gave up Facebook :noway:
  • Definitely joining! So many more future Valentine`s Days. Maybe I`ll have a nice boyfriend this time next year if I get to my goal weight too ;P
  • JoanneC_Walks
    JoanneC_Walks Posts: 71 Member
    I'm hoping my honey will send flowers instead of candy. We're both trying to lose weight together.

    I'm going to definitely give up the junk for Lent. After the holidays I cut way down on eating chips and snack crackers and it's made a big difference in just a few weeks.
  • justal313
    justal313 Posts: 1,375 Member
    My wife will probably get me a Lindt dark chocolate bar or two. I am capable of eating just 2 squares a night so I don't need to avoid it. It's all a matter of having restraint and putting some time in on my running shoes or at the gym.
  • onyxgirl17
    onyxgirl17 Posts: 1,721 Member
    why not? It's not an everyday thing!
  • Xelace
    Xelace Posts: 18
    I'm gonna join in on this one.
    Spending the day away from my bf and we've agreed to not go crazy over Valentine's as none of us really get the hype.

    However, I'm gonna treat myself to some yummy fruit-covered dark chocolate on Saturday...
  • Gr8ChangesAhead
    Gr8ChangesAhead Posts: 836 Member
    My hubby paid for my H2O Plyometrics class and My Body Pump class at the YMCA in place of candy and flowers. Yeah for the supportive hubby.