In need of new treadmill workouts...

Hey everyone! So I'm starting to get in a rut with my gym routine and I need some new things to liven it up! I do mostly cardio...I usually alternate between running and the elliptical, with a few Zumba classes or p90x workouts thrown in here and there. I love running, especially when I can run outside, but since it's winter and I'm stuck in the gym, I feel like my treadmill routines are becoming a bit monotonous. Does anyone have anything different I can do to hold me over until the weather starts getting better? I usually either just do a 35-40 min run (at a 10 min/mile pace) along with a warmup and cooldown, OR I do a full hour alternating between walking 5 mins and then running 10 mins.

I guess I'm looking at playing around more with my speed/incline/intervals. I feel like my body is adjusting quickly to my current routine and I don't feel like I'm getting as good of workout as I used to. Plus it's getting boring! Any good killer workouts? :)


  • BlairLove
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    I have been doing a 45 minute interval workout that I found online. I usually run at a 6.0 but this workout challenges me to go up to 7 and 8 for short periods of time. The 8.0 level is hard, but I just usually bump it down when it gets tough. I'm hoping in the next few weeks I'll be able to do the whole thing at the level I'm supposed to. I just printed it out and put it on the treadmill - it tells me when exactly to change speed, really great.
  • Awesome thanks! I'm gonna try this tomorrow! I rarely go above 6.2, so this should be interesting ;)
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    Thanks i will be trying this to....

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    I am trying interval training on the treadmill and excercise bike

    treadmill - walk for 2mins run for 1 min at level 5 and spped from 6 -10 its hard, I haven't run in 20plus years....... I am up to 15minutes now

    exercise bike level 5 10mins warm up then sprint for 30 seconds at level 10/11 and 3 minute rests at level 5 - my rpm in the rest phase is around 85 and my rpm for sprints in 120 - I keep an eye on the watts burned as this gives me an indication of effort.

    I do 8 sprints which takes me to the 33minute mark then i drop the resistance to 5 and try to go hard for as long as i can, just not too fast I sit around the 100 rpm and the sweat rolls out

    Some days I mix this up by doing double intervals 5min warm up 30 sec sprint 90 sec slower pace a weight machine and back to the bike for 90secs/30 sec sprint etc - just to mix it up, sure gets me breathing and keeps the pulse rate up

    Its taken me 4 weeks to get to this level and i'm always looking for a new challenge, 45minutes on a stationary bike is a long time...

    what about a group and we record - distance speed watts calories burnt etc etc just for fun, to compare and see if we can push ourselves further?
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    I tried a new treadmill workout this week and LOVE it. I incline at 12.5% and run 20secs at 6.5 then step onto side for 10secs and run again 20secs off for 10secs. I do this for 4 minute intervals 3x. I will run about a mile warm up before starting and in between each 4 minute set I do a 4 minute walk at 4.0 to lower my heart rate. It is supposed to burn more calories than steady state cardio...anyone else have any thoughts about this routine too?
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