what my treadmill says I burned

Im 5'6" weigh 137 lbs and I do a 500 calorie weightloss workout daily. Is the treadmill giving me a correct total of calories burnt?


  • Cindym82
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    I would say no, I have a HRM and it is off from what the treadmill reads from 60-100 calories depending on what I'm doing on it.
  • links_slayer
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    difficult to estimate w/out avg heart rate and duration.
  • blueboxblues
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    I happen to know that my treadmill grossly overestimates calories burned, so I go with the MFP estimates - some people find the opposite true. The best way to tell is using a heart rate monitor. (If you have a smart phone you can probably get an app - I KNOW there are apps for iPhones.) Then you can use the equation here to calculate calories burned: http://www.livestrong.com/article/73315-calculate-calories-burned-based-heart/

    Without a HRM, I'd go with whatever number is lower.
  • Thank you for the info! I will have to invest in a hrm.