60 pounds gone

Part of the reason I started my weight loss journey was due to my adult son. he was having a rough go of it when it came to life, he had just lost his job due to his marijuana use and was generally just depressed. In the conversation we had that day, he stated he had nothing to live for. His dad would be dead soon due to being over weight. His money was all gone as he had spent almost 20k on partying over the year. It hit a nerve with me, the statement he made about his dad being gone soon. I looked him in the eye and told him I will do my best starting today to extend my time here on earth and to be here for many years to come. I said I would drop 60 pounds by April if he would quit smoking and get off the drugs.
Well as of today I have lost that 60 pounds! I just reminded him of our conversation that day. I am not sure he is upholding his end of the deal but I am going beyond mine!


  • You are fabulous!
  • sheyennelilly
    sheyennelilly Posts: 122 Member
    Congratulations on your success! I hope your son can make the necessary changes in his life as well.
  • pkdarlin
    pkdarlin Posts: 149 Member
    I admire you. I also hope your son will make some changes. :smile:
  • This made me cry, it is so nice you did that for your son, also congratulations on your healthy lifestyle too!
  • Christabelle79
    Christabelle79 Posts: 80 Member
    Great job with the loss and turning your health around. Best of luck to you and your son.
  • fredf2112
    fredf2112 Posts: 110 Member
    Great work and dedication. I wish you continued success.
  • Alicestella54
    Alicestella54 Posts: 64 Member
    Wonderful !
  • glahlstedt
    glahlstedt Posts: 308 Member
    pic's please???!!:blushing:
  • peaceadetoro
    peaceadetoro Posts: 2 Member
    Well done, you are amazing. :smile:
  • maryannelk
    maryannelk Posts: 707 Member
    What a terrific inspiration for your son! Hope it works!
  • That just made me cry. You're an amazing father.
  • Excellent work Sir, over to you now sonny!
  • That is awesome, bless you. Do you mind sharing some tips on how you did it?
  • emarty29
    emarty29 Posts: 37 Member
    I don't know him personally but he is one my MFP friends and he has inspired me to keep on going. Let me tell you, he works hard doing cardio and never eats back his calories. His net calories are between -300 and 700 on average. He is a man on a mission! I'm sure he will expand on what he does. Friend him and view his diary.
  • mwbulechek
    mwbulechek Posts: 162 Member
    Thank You all for the kind words and inspiration!

    BTW I am one of those people that has almost no pictures of myself. My Profile pic was 2 years ago in Mexico. I think I was about 330 at that time. I went up to 371.. I really should see if I can find a before pic and take a new pic tonight.
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