Wearing shorts the first time in 10 years!!!

I'm sooo excited, I'm wearing shorts the first time in 10 years!!!!!! I was an old lady before who didn't want their legs showing....now i'm showing them off!!! Anyone else wearing shorts this year? Oh wearing sexy dresses too :)


  • byHISstrength
    byHISstrength Posts: 984 Member
    That's fabulous! Way to go...you have come a long way. Enjoy your success!
  • LostTeen
    LostTeen Posts: 110
    Thats great =]
  • Congratulations! That's wonderful. Wear them w/pride!
  • YogaRunner
    YogaRunner Posts: 652 Member
    Fantastic! Way to go! I plan to wear sundresses this year! Great for showing off my new arms! :drinker:
  • Lisa03
    Lisa03 Posts: 18
    I hear ya there I cant wait to feel like I look good in shorts! Congrats!
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