Eczema & feeling sick


Well for the past nearly 3 weeks I started to introduce live pro-biotic drinks & yoghurts to my diet as I've read on my sources that it's gret for your gums & heart, but what I've noticed is I'm feeling sick everyday since starting this & my eczema has gone really bad too (worst its been since I was a child).

Is this common?

Also is there anything I can supplement for dairy pro-biotic? (I already choose lactose free alternatives to milk for drinks & cereals)


  • bathsheba_c
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    Probiotics are thought to help with eczema. Is it possible that the lactose-free versions contain a compound that you are sensitive to?
    THExNEKOxCHAN Posts: 134 Member
    I'm not sure how they process milk to make it lactose free, but it doesn't sound natural, either way. Are you lactose-intolerant? If not, the question is: Why are you not drinking real milk?

    Have you looked into other things: gluten allergies, or candida overgrowth, regarding your eczema?

    Any probiotics you take should have a wide variety of cultures. Don't get ones with just one or two strains. You'd be wasting your money.
    ATOLLIT Posts: 149
    It's possible to get pro-biotic tablets that are not grown on a milk culture, ie are dairy free.