Short term goals and mini rewards

I've been so overwhelmed lately by the amount of weight I need to lose. In almost 15 months I've only lost 20 lbs. The numbers have really been making me mas lately so I thought I'd make short term goals and when I reach those goal I will give myself a little reward.

Any ideas on goals I should set and the rewards? Thanks.


  • MG_Fit
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    How much weight are you trying to lose total?
  • butterflylover527
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    70 lbs total, I've lost 20 so far so I have 50 to go. I'm 5' 3" so I thought that my goal weight (130) was reasonable.
  • SJackson50
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    Hi! First, congrats on your 20 pounds!

    I LOVE setting goals and rewards...I do it for every two weeks, with a goal of 4 pounds each. I've done things such as a heavier set of weights, a new workout DVD, massage, new blouse/pants, new yoga mat and a make-up session!
    My big rewards include a photo shoot, a "janet jackson-type" hair weave and a "party clothes" shopping trip.

    I also LOVE junk, I set goals for the next time I can have a junk food meal (probably not the best idea, but neither is deprivation IMO). Usually every ten pounds ;-)

    Good luck!!!
  • MG_Fit
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    I'd say set mimi rewards at every 10 pounds, within your budget of course and increasing in personal value. What motivates you?! Those should be your rewards.

    For me it would look like this.

    10 pounds lost: New workout clothes
    20 pounds lost: Nice bottle of scotch
    30 pounds lost: Steak Dinner
    40 pounds lost: LV sunglasses
    50 pounds lost: American Shuffleboard Table for the house :)
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    Try setting some "non-weight" related goals, such as, I try to do 2 active activities with my kids per week. So even though I am not "going to the gym", I am still sweating it up. Last week we went to a jumpoline for the first time together, wow what a work out that was. We jumped for 1 hour straight. Break it up and do things that are not gym or work out related that could get you moving and set a goal to do that 2-3 times a week and "work out" the other two days or something like that. Those feel like rewards in themselves and then you are not even worried about working out so much.
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    I am interested in this, too. I have a LOT of weight to lose. But I just read recently that it is better to break it up. Instead of thinking you have to lose 100 lbs, break it up into five 20 lb. increments. So I am trying to set goals for myself for every 20 lbs. My first reward will be a new haircut. My second reward will be going CD shopping. I haven't gotten past that, but I am sure I will think of something. I like the ideas on here!
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    My husband and I are doing this together, and we put a dollar away for every half hour each of us exercises. We also have a goal of going on a vacation just the two of us (no kids) as far as we can walk/run. We've gotten 86 miles in 6 weeks, we're working towards going to Mackinac island (230 miles) by May, and all the workout money will be the play money. We've made $143.00 so far in 6 weeks! We have a dry erase board with all the stats on it (and a motivational quote every day) to help keep us going.
  • butterflylover527
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    Wow, lots of good ideas, thanks!
  • I have to lose 60 lbs and so far in 3 weeks today, I lost 4 and then put on 5. I have Lupus and was in a flare and so the doctor upped my steroids to 60 mg a day and that just added the weight that I lost back on, but it will come it just makes it a little bit longer process to get there. However, I have lost 2 inches in my waist, an inch in my neck, and 1 1/2 inches in my hips. So I look at it as long as I can get the inches off too, I can't complain. My goals are at 5 lbs and I plan on treating myself to little rewards like a new scarf, or a new pair of earrings, simple little things that I like. My big reward is for after I lose all my weight and it stays off for 6 months - buy myself a whole new wardrobe. What I have found with this diet is the ease of the program, logging your foods and exercises and it figures everything for you and the encouragement you get from others. ;-))
  • butterflylover527
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    Thanks :D