Is whey protein necessary?

How beneficial is whey protein to weight loss? If I get some, I'll be getting 100% Whey Gold Standard. What's your favorite flavor?


  • Whey is a great choice. Try to avoid anything containing artificial sweeteners like Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame... these will actually cause your lipid profile to increase (fat stores). They are also a tremendous source of inflammation in the body.

    Your best bet for protein is Whey protein from New Zealand... they have very high dairy standards that eliminate the hormones and antibiotics from the protein. Also, it should be Undenatured protein (special process that leaves the enzymes within the folds of the protein for the best possible absorption.
  • ndj1979
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    you are better off trying to get protein from eating food - chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, pork, steak, etc...and then use the whey as a fill in for days when you are coming up short on protein...I have not had a protein shake in a while and I still hit beteen 160 and 200 grams of protein a day...thats a whole lot of chicken! LOL
  • 3dogsrunning
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    No, it is not necessary. There is no added benefit to weight loss. It is useful as a supplement for people who cannot get enough protein from food alone. It can be a cheaper alternative to some food.

    Personally, I use whey protein the odd time because it is hard for me to eat enough food to hit my goals. And its lighter on my stomach. I'll also use it as a filler until I can eat (because of my job).
  • newcs
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    I'd only use it (and do only use it) if I'm having trouble hitting my protein goal or if I need some quick calories. I keep some at work for times that I run out of food and don't want to go to the vending machine or some other unhealthy option.