Newbie here- want friends to motivate

Hi there! I'm brand new to this site. I had joined a bit ago but never used it. I'm ready to get going! I'm a busy mom to two boys who are the loves of my life. I'm wanting to lose another 22 pounds or so for a goal of 144. I'm looking for friends here so we can motivate and inspire ech other.


  • ladynblu87
    ladynblu87 Posts: 43 Member
    Welcome friend.
  • Im here but I am not sure that I will be of much help cause I am struggling with this weight thing myself.
  • ksemien
    ksemien Posts: 133 Member
    Welcome!! I'm here, been here, and going to be here :)
  • azavala78
    azavala78 Posts: 74 Member
    Hello! Welcome - We can do this! I am sending you a friend request :)
  • shelbysp8
    shelbysp8 Posts: 131 Member
    Okay I see the VA Tech so are you from VA? I am from Suffolk (VA Beach area). Unfortunately, we are a UVA household! :drinker:
    Feel free to add me, if you don't mind the UVA! :bigsmile: Oh and welcome back!
  • chesves
    chesves Posts: 224 Member
    I'm working on my Master's through VT so hence the Hokie fan. My son is a HUGE UVA fan so I live the rivalry daily! Lol yes, I'm from VA- Richmond area.