Always want to snack

Going by MFP recommendations, I should have been at 1280 per day, so I was using that number plus adding back exercise calories if I needed to to finish the day off. After reading about the TREE and BMR, I figured my active rate and bumped my calories up to 1490, but not adding back exercise calories.

Before I made this change I was satisfied, never felt hungry before meal time, or if I did it wasn't a really overwhelming hunger. Now I can barely make it to my next scheduled snack time without being hungry. And I have started craving junk food again. I haven't craved junk food in a few weeks.

I say all that to ask, did I mess up? Do I need to go back to my 1280 + exercise calories or just stick this out? I feel like because I know there are extra "points" to eat, that I have to eat them. Or is my metabolism finally kicking in? This serious health and fitness is new to me.


  • blackgold86
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    Are you eating complex carbs and protein? Are you eating foods to keep you full?

    I am on 1310 calories a day and this consists of 2-3 snacks a day, a small-med size breaky and larger dinner.

    I feel like im constantly eating!

    For breakfast, I usually have oats and greek yoghurt, and had rice bubbles today, same calories.. but got hungry straight away!

    Hope this helps