Running mom's trying to lose baby fat

Hi, I am Shan

I have two kids under 4. I use to love to run and used it as a tool to keep in shape. I am trying to get back into running to get a little part of me back into my life. I ran two half marathons last summer and they helped me lose lots of my baby weight but I still have 20 pounds that I would like to lose. I am currently training for a very hard half marathon and I find it a hard to keep stay on my program. My kids don't sleep well and I am constantly struggling to move my tired butt. Running use to come easy to me but now I struggle and my pace has slowed down lots. If any other mom's out there are also running or just struggling to stay on their programs I would love to share my journey with you. I have been using this site for only a couple weeks and I love it so far. It has helped me watch what I eat and stay focused.

Highest weight 195
Current Weight 163
Goal Weight 155
Happier Weight 145
HT 5'11"
Age 35


  • Runningnorth
    Runningnorth Posts: 38 Member
  • I have always hated running but I'm determined to make myself love it. I am in the military, so not running is not an option for me. I just had a baby so I need to get back into running shape. I think it's awesome that you have done half-marathons! I really want to do one. That is my ultimate running goal. Maybe one day that will change to running a full marathon. I have 2 kids now, so it's hard to find the time for it. Good luck on your journey :).
  • fabformyfam
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    Way to go running Mom's! I know I'm a little behind on here...butt i'm a stay at home running Mom to a 16 month old boy. I love and enjoy running but am not so good at the weight loss part. I feel like I actually lose weight easier when I don't run because of appetite increases......trying to figure out how to balance the running and the Mom thing...:) Signed up for my first marathon in October and would relaly like to be my fittest/skinniest (down about 25 pounds before then!)

    Also...want to get fit so I can have more babies with less toll on body and "bounceback" time...