first time loser

Hey guys,

So while doing my leg work I couldn't help, but notice how slim my legs are getting, but sigh I also noticed my belly isn't shrinking as fast.

Now, I understand you can't spot reduce and your body will shed fat where it wants to and blah blah, my actual question is how does it look when your belly starts losing fat?

I know that's a weird question and I'm not sure if I'm asking it correctly, but basically when you do lose belly fat does it shrink (so cm loss) or does it tighten? I've notice that my belly doesn't really drop dramatic inches around the belly, but it does tighten up quite a bit. Which kinda leaves me looking pregnant as its not a flabby belly and its kinda round to boot.

LOL, so just curious if I can take this as a sign of me actually loosing my belly or am I doing too much strength training? Like the subject says its my first time really losing more than just a few kilos here and there.

Ps: Does anyone feel bloated when they drink a lot of water? (you can only imagine how pregnant I look then lol)


  • phildawson75
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    Well it's not really a question of how long, that's impossible to say.

    It's what BF% you are at that really changes your appearance.

    I personally went from 27 to 16% quickly in just a few months, it was dramatically different entering a healthy BF% but I still had a good deal of fat around my belly. It then took another 6mths to get that from 16 to 13% and now its much flatter and abs are starting to be visible.

    For me it'll prob take another 6mths to go from 13 to 10% at which point there will hopefully just be six pack and minimal fat covering them.

    Women naturally have 10% more fat, so I'd suggest aiming for 20% or less. Each % you drop your belly fat will start to go, its usually the last bit is really stuburn to go.

    Your belly shrinks when you lose fat from eating at a deficit, and your muscles get more tighter from ab exercises if that makes sense.