Just finished lunch

So, I just finished my lunch and I am pleasantly surprised at what I ate. Not too long ago, I would have had a Big Mac, fries, coke, and then finished off every one elses fries too. I always ate way too much.

Today, I had ny usual turkey sandwich and a bag of fresh veggies and a cheese snack. After eating the sandwich, I was full and couldn't finish the veggies and cheese. So, I saved those for my afternoon snack.

I am surprised by the difference that a few weeks can make on your eating habits.


  • MokelumneJones
    MokelumneJones Posts: 2 Member
    I was just thinking about what to do for lunch. Have you found any good suggestions on what to eat when out and about? I usually prepare but didn't today.

    Keep up the good work....
  • mzjessicaxo
    mzjessicaxo Posts: 330 Member
    I used to be the same, I always craved some sort of fast food and would often cave in. Now if I have to eat out, I opt for chili or a sandwich.... so odd but its what I want now and I eat about a quarter of what I did before
  • ohmgetsfit
    ohmgetsfit Posts: 22 Member
    I'm hoping that happens for me soon! Day 3 for me and i'm constantly hungry! Need to hit the grocery store and get a ton of veggies!

    Keep up the great work!
  • aseymour13
    aseymour13 Posts: 765 Member
    Just goes to show you that habits can be changed! Nice job!!! Once upon a time I had developed some pretty decent habits, still have a few but need to get more of them back.
  • koshkasmum
    koshkasmum Posts: 276 Member
    I spend a lot of time "out and about" and don't want to lug my lunch with me so I have done some research and found items that work for me in a few restaurants and food fair outlets I frequent. In one mall, its wor wonton soup (broth, won ton, shrimp chicken and lots of veggies), in another its bibimbap (Korean rice bowl with veggies and grilled meat - less much of the rice), a steak sandwich and salad in one place alternates with grilled chicken salad (dressing on the side so I can use half a tablespoon full) and at another, I can opt for a rotisserie chicken breast with a salad and whole grain roll. There is also a chain of pita sandwich places (Extreme Pita) in my area that turn out a tasty wrap for around 300 calories (as long as you choose tzatziki instead of mayo).

    It can be done.
  • saamantha
    If I ever forget my lunch, I try to google my best options in the surrounding area. Turkey sandwich on rye or whole wheat piled with veggies and w/o cheese, salads with added protein at restaurants who don't look at you funny when you ask for dressing on the side ;), or if I'm lucky a grocery store that can provide me with some raw nuts and organic veg! If I'm in a hurry there's this great place down the street from work that makes amazing and fresh veggie/fruit juices and some great smoothies. I've started keeping a little container of chia seeds in my purse so I can add a bit of a punch to those!
  • gracielynn1011
    gracielynn1011 Posts: 726 Member
    Thanks every one! When I go out for lunch, I usually try to get chicken instead of a burger. It is usually the healthier choice. But try to stay away from special dressings and sauces, I try to do lettuce and tomato as my toppings. The mayonnaise type topics can be really heavy with calories. I always like a salad with fat free or low fat dressing.

    I appreciate every ones comments and encouragement. Good luck to all of you also!