App for tracking activities?

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what apps are you using to track and log your workouts?

I have been using Endomondo for about one year, but I am getting more and more frustrated by their calorie calculation. E.g., they tell me that I burned 160 kcal during a nice leisurely walk for 20 minutes for about 1.5 km, which is completely ridiculous. If I enter a reasonable heart rate of about 110 for this walk on their website, the calories are recalculated and are more realistic, but I am tired of having to readjust each walk.
Apart from this, I really like Endomondo - the app and the website have a clear layout, there are many statistics available for free (I love statistics), and they have many types of activities to choose from, even many indoor sports like aerobics or circuit training, not only the standard elliptical and treadmill.

If they didn't have this issue with the calories, it would be perfect for me (I even bought the pro app some months ago), but what good are great statistical features if the data is not correct? And since they choose to ignore any comment, question and complaint regarding this issue on their support page, I am finally testing some other apps.

So far I have tried:

-) Runtastic: worse calorie calculation, at least for walking (which I am doing a lot, so this is important) - they just give you 300 kcal per hour, regardless of the distance covered and the speed. So this is a no-go for me.

-) Sports Tracker Live: you cannot enter an activity manually, so again not good for me.

-) Sports Tracker: mostly outdoor sports, nice statistics for free, but the app and the website are both rather cluttered (compared to the other apps)

-) RunKeeper: also mostly outdoor sports. You can define goals (which I like), but only very limited statistics for free. Nice clean layout of both app and website.

I have not found the perfect app so far (perhaps it doesn't exist), so I would really appreciate your opinion!
What do you use? What would you recommend for me? With the app you are using, how do you log indoor sports like aerobics, or something like 30DS?

Thanks for you input! :flowerforyou:


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    I am wondering this myself.. I found and started to use "Striiv" for walking it syncs with MFP but really haven't used it much yet..

    I'm hoping more people reply to this post.. Good questions OP!
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    bump - anybody, please?
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    I use Sport Tracker Live and find it brilliant for indoor and outdoor use. Plus value for money, it beats Strava etc as the upgrade to the Pro version is a couple of £/$ and a one off payment - Strava is a £40 annual sub for essentially the same data.