Mayo Clinic Diet - What do you think?

What do you think of the Mayo Clinic Diet? Has anyone tried this?


  • cmriverside
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    Cliff notes: A balanced diet of Fruit, Vegetables, lean protein , dairy and nuts and seeds (and grains). There are vegetarian plans, and gluten free plans. All this stuff is already on their free website. You can make your own meal plan.

    Stay under your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Drink some water, get a little exercise. Repeat daily until you see the results you are seeking.

    It's Mayo Clinic. It's conservative and balanced. It's $26. We can tell you the same stuff for free.

  • stumblinthrulife
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    Sounds almost identical to what I've already made for myself, based on my reading on MFP and elsewhere. Only real difference is I'm a little looser on fat (except 0 trans fat and the lwo sat fats), and I go much higher on the protein.

    It's a conservative, common sense diet.
  • ngyoung
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    Basically the same generic diet being touted for the last 30 years. Question is whether you can stick to it. Best advice I can give is to try to focus on eating real natural foods. I tend to eat more fat and less carbs then their suggestions but that is what works for me. If I start snacking on anything sugary I tend to binge or get ravenous later in the day. Most people that throw out all the processed nutrient deficient junk and stick with real foods tend to not over eat and more naturally control calorie intake. That is not necessarily the same for everybody though and some need to monitor cals more closely even with a natural diet but first step is still the same.

    That is the one common factor in the most successful long term diets. Real/natural food. If it comes in a box or pre-made despite how many "healthy" buzz words are on the packaging it should not be a regular part of your diet.
  • BurtHuttz
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    This sounds vastly superior to most of the "blank blank" diets like the "sacred heart diet" or the "3-day military diet".

    If you have no idea what foods are healthy vs unhealthy, this might be worth $26. But you know you should cut back red meat, get plenty of lean protein like chicken and fish, and eat plenty of fruits and veggies, right? Get carbs in there like whole wheat bread which carries fiber as well. Treat yourself to something indulgent every now and then.

    That'll be $20 please.

    Look I just saved you six dollars!! ;-)