Question on Body Fat

I keep hearing about body fat loss how do I measure that. Some seem to know how much weight is water, muscle or fat, and I can't figure out how. Thanks


  • jonnythan
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    By measuring body fat %. The simplest way is using a body fat scale. They're not very accurate, but they're reasonably close and will show your trend over time pretty well.
  • Sarauk2sf
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    Until you get relatively lean, its hard to get accuracy without having something like a hydrostatic test done (and even then they are not 100% accurate). As long as you are losing weight, you will be losing BF. Strength train to make sure that weight is as much fat as possible (and not LBM).

    Keep an eye on the scale (but don't obsess as it will vary due to water weight) and measure, take pics and use the mirror as your guides.
  • runfatmanrun
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    There are calipers, those aren't quite as accurate. There is a handheld electronic device that sends a pulse throughout your body, similar to the scales I think. Those seem to be ok. Water displacement is supposedly pretty accurate but I haven't seen or done that.
  • nickielouise36
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    U gain buy scales like weighing scales.. I seen some on amazon before .. not sure of any other way xx
  • carrieous
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    The only halfway reliable way is to use calipers. But even then its just a guess
  • jonnythan
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    The only halfway reliable way is to use calipers. But even then its just a guess

    This is the common wisdom... but having used calipers for a long time, I'm not convinced it's true. The measurement you get at a site can vary so much with even minute changes.

    Calipers are good, and can give a good indication of a trend (especially in specific body parts), but they're not the ultimate tool by any means IMO.

    That said, I use calipers once every two weeks and the scale every day.