Canned vs frozen vs fresh fruit

curds Posts: 201 Member
Hey Guys,

I know frozen fruit is fine its a healthy choice, but what about canned fruit? I always assumed canned fruit was really unhealthy? Yes, I know the sugar syrup ones are, but I figured even the fruit packed in water is a no? I saw on livestrong that canned fruit is okay, but I'm still not so sure.

I'm an expat and fruit and veggies are ridiculously expensive here, it also goes bad in a matter of days (mostly the fruit). I can buy almost ripe bananas in store and in 2 days it will have turned a yucky brownish yellow. The only fruit I found with some staying power are avocados (thankfully) and the citrus fruits usually last a week.

Oh and if I try to store vegetables in the fruit it will be a dripping soft mushy mess when I defrost it, I will try to store it in a ziplocked bag then foil then a sealed tupperware dish and see. (extreme I know, but I waste so many veggies cause I can't use it)

For the fruit though is it a healthy option to go out looking for unsweetened canned fruit?