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Homeschooling Mom, believer doing Medifast w/40 lbs to lose

Hi, I am looking for a circle of friends that are supportive, encouraging and fun to interact with. If you relate to this or are like minded, I would love to hear from you. ;)


  • Gracerrr
    Gracerrr Posts: 141
    I'm not a mom and I have a lot more than 40lbs to lose, but I just wanted to say I admire you. I know homeschooling takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Good luck with your weightloss! :)
  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 48,748 Member
    Ironically, I would say that as a mom who home schools, using a diet plan to lose weight would educate your kids to do the same when then want to lose weight if they happen to get overweight.
    Any diet works when one is on it. It's when they get off it that it doesn't work. So my suggestion is to do it with just calorie deficit and food you eat now. Showing them how to control portions and make meals at home will give them better education in nutrition too, instead of relying on a company that makes meals.

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