Breaking That Funk

I needed a good workout last night and I got it. I've been feeling a bit burned out and in a funk recently - not really because of one thing but just a bit of everything. I haven't wanted to go to the gym but made myself the past two nights where I usually wake up and am like "woohoo I get to go to the gym today". Last night I got a good reality check on how far I've come. Yes, I've noticed change in the scale and clothes but last night was fitness. We did the same workout last night as I did in my first training class on Nov. 9th where I thought I was going to die and really wondered what I had signed up myself for. 2 of the hardest exercises were hanging leg raises and slosh-ball getups. That first night I could barely hang long enough to do 2 or 3 raises before I had to step back on the step and regroup. Last night I could go for almost the full 40 seconds and only step back on the step if I started swinging too much. The other one was the slosh ball - it weighs around 28 lbs. It dawned on me that what I was lifting weighed nearly the same amount I had lost and no wonder my knees hurt so much. Those progress/realizations were just what I needed to get out of this funk. :)


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