New to myfitnesspal - time for a better life

Hi There, I recently started coming to myfitnesspal on the advice of my doctor. In the past I found it very difficult to stick to tracking what I ate and what activities I did but I've found using this site quite enjoyable. My story is quite lengthy which I hope to share more and more as time goes on, but for now I'll summarize why I'm here. I'm embarking on a journey (along with my wife Sandra) to change how I live the rest of my life. I am a super morbidly obese man (once topped the scale at 600 lbs), and my life was becoming a nightmare of one health problem after another. I recently made the decision along with my doctor to enter into a bariatric program and eventually have gastric bypass surgery. To prepare, I will be tracking all my food and exercise for a minimum of 6 months as I learn the skills and habits necessary for me to live a happier and healthier life. After this time I will be assessed again and my hope is I'll then be ready for the surgery. My hope is to stay on track and stay committed to the program and I know I'll need all the support I can get , especially when the stresses of life begin to wear me down. Currently, my starting weight after coming here is at 525 pounds . I hope to add a bit more about me in the weeks and months to come. Thank you :)


  • You deserve all life has to offer. I am 25 and started at 315 and decided I am too young to live like this. It may be a hard journey but you can do it.

    Feel free to add me if you like. I log on everyday.

  • erin_larson
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    Thanks for the encouragement Ashley ! Adding you as a friend :)
  • redphoenix64
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    Hi my name is Denae. I would love to travel this journey with you and your wife. I can see that you have started in the right direction and having people to cheer you on is a big help.
  • katekross
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    I log everyday and I'm honest. Add if you wish :)
  • scadgirl20
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    Feel free to add me as well. I'd like to watch as you tell about your weight loss. good luck to you and your wife!
  • LaurySch
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    Exciting! Good luck on your journey, it's great that you have decided to do this together!
  • ChrisinGA
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    welcome to the site, I really enjoy getting on here and logging what I did the day, Hope you and your wife both get to where you want to be. enjoy the site. Started at 234. down to 220 so far
  • erin_larson
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    Wow ! Nice to see so many posts. I'm starting a blog post so I can can add friends, calling it OMG Journey (Obese Man's Journey) .
  • sandra_brideau
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    I am there for you always Erin and will always encourage you !!
  • erin_larson
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    Thank you hun ! <3 I love you and wouldn't be able to do this without your love and support.
  • irchrismm
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    Feel free to add me. This is a lifetime marathon, not a sprint to shred a couple pounds. I'm on all the time.