PCOS and Diet



  • ShannonGo
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    I have PCOS and have tried and failed to lose weight on metformin, because I'm not actually insulin resistant.

    I started seeing a dietitian and my plan is 40-40-20 (carb and protein completely balanced, fat kept at 20%). The prevailing wisdom is that the best way to avoid becoming diabetic, if you are predisposed to it, is to keep a diabetic diet.

    I would recommend having your thyroid checked because I have hypothyroidism. It seems, from my unscientific research and personal experience, that PCOS + hypothyroidism is pretty common. I've had several friends in a support group for PCOS who also have hypothyroidism too.
  • strivingfor130
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    This is a really interesting e-book about what to eat and what to kind of stay away from for someone with PCOS. It goes really in depth into each nutrient and what it does for someone with PCOS. I found it pretty informative.

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    I have both PCOS and pre-diabetes as well. I don't have athritis so I can't comment on that. I don't notice any flair-ups with anything I eat. I just eat a normal diet without tweaking anything that I would do if I didn't have the conditions. I am on the pill for PCOS. I also take metformin for the pre-diabetes but also to help me lose weight with healthy eating. Unfortunately with the PCOS I gain very quickly eating even 1100 cals a day. The metformin allows me to eat a good amount of calories (1600 and something) and lose at a normal rate.
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    PCOS here. Paleo, and I love it.
  • LoriLou67
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    Yes....carbs at 50-60, flour makes me swell, and I have to exercise my buns off. Then, slow weight loss happens. If I keep my diet the same and do not exercise, weight does not come off. If I enjoy bread, even low-carb varieties, and exercise my buns off, I actually gain weight. Carbs are the issue with insulin-resistance and even within that, we don't process them all the same. You find what works for you and helps you feel better!
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    I'm PCOS, T1.5 diabetic, and have thyroid issues. I'm primal/paleo and it's helped alot with blood sugar and keeping my cycles regular
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    I have PCOS too. Though my doctor didn't tell me anything regards of what I should eat. I do eat everything in moderation. Though, I am slow at times.

    I do eat a lot of salad and fresh steemed veggies. You can look at my log..
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    i am pre diabetic, most helpful and user friendly diet i found is The insulin resistence diet.. links proteins with carbs...which slows the release of glucose into bloodstream...and helps keep full longer and lose weight..
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    bump. Lots of great info here.
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    all of you have helped me so much.....i need to change my diet! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! THANK YOU ALL FOR SHARING!
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    I also have PCOS, Type 2 diabetes, and Congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Losing weight has always been a struggle for me. I also lose very slow, to where I just give up. CAH prevents my body from producing cortisol, so I have to take cortisone, which causes my blood sugar to rise, which then causes my hormones to be even more imbalanced. I'm a mess. I'm learning to live with it, and just keep trying. i've just started a 90 day challenge with Body by Vi, and I'm satisfied with the weight loss, so far. It's been slow but steady, which is something I never was able to have.
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    Man I hate Life Issues .. :(
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    I have PCOS and am pre-diabetic too. I haven't noticed any correlation between gluten free diets or anything. What I've started *trying* to do is to focus more on lean-healthy proteins, and the fats/carbs take care of themselves....that's what a nutritionist told me anyway, and it seems to be pretty much true.
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    Thank you ladies for all the great information and advice!! I found a good site with some interesting articles and it's called pcosdiva.com. just thought I would share that with ya'll since you have been so great about sharing and helping me :) feel free to add me, us Cysters have to stick together ;)
  • I have PCOS and I try to not eat to many simple carbs.. I also try to keep my carbs to a minimum but I really like fruit. It is working. I am trying to get pregnant, and I know my body does not let me unless I am under 200 lbs so that is my goal right now. About 4 months ago my doc upped my metformin from 1000 to 1500 a day and I have seen a huge difference. The growth of unwanted hair has slowed down and in just under 2 months I have lost 20 lbs.. I had it a platue a while back and gave up. I started back up again in Jan and feel so much better. Anyone can feel free to add me.
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    Hey reading your post makes me a little more comfortable with the fact that my docs want me to get onto metformin im nervous about it but excited that u liked it alot..im trying to lose weights so that i can try to have a baby..its nice knowing that even though having pcos i can still try to have a normal life
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    low glycemic foods, low carb...around 100 or so a day, whole grain stuff..I have PCOS, insulin resistance, hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue...