What's Happening????

I'm in a position that I haven't been before and need help trying to explain it. Since last weekend I've gained 1.5lbs. I don't know what is going on here. I'm freaking out a little because I can't explain it. As you can see from my diary I haven't binged, if any of my calorie counts are off it's only by a couple hundred which isn't any big deal. I thought perhaps I'm finally gaining some muscle but my measurements are the same and TOM is a couple weeks away. HELP! WHAT'S GOING ON??? Any insight is much appreciated!


  • quirkytizzy
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    A high sodium day causing water weight. A longer day at work causing muscle soreness. Perhaps exercise also causing muscle swelling. A two inch scootch on your scale on the floor. A different outfit while weighing yourself. Constipation.

    Could be a million things, most of which aren't related to actual gains. The scale can fluctuate several pounds in one day, so 1.5 pounds is nothing to worry about.
  • neandermagnon
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    don't freak out, water weight goes up and down. It's not fat.
  • tiffanyheth
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    Take a deep breath, step off the scale. Weigh in again next week.
  • weird_me2
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    Water weight/bloating due to any number of reasons. Increased workout intensity. Increased sodium. Or, water retention due to hormones from ovulation. I am just now back to the number I was at over a week ago before O hit. I fully expect my weight to continue going down for the next 5 days or so, then back up for about 5 days or so just before and after I start, then back down until a few days before O, then up again, etc. I've been tracking daily for over a year now. As long as I'm seeing a downward trend over the course of a month, I'm happy. Each month, my lows are new lows and the highs aren't as high as the one before.
  • bfanny
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    Twice a month I put on 2 lbs of "unexplained" weight, one right before TOM and second mid cycle (ovulation) I feel bloated and very fat...hormones (sigh)
    I should avoid the scale around those times, but I never learn and of course I feel frustrated :(
    Because one thing is to be up 'cause you over-ate or sodium or a new exercise routine and another very different when you are doing everything right...
  • wibutterflymagic
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    Ok, thanks for the ideas. I've just never had this happen to me since I began my journey outside of TOM so it's really thrown me for a loop. I've never heard of a mid-month gain before. I think it's probably that or the exercise routine change. I did add some extra weight this week and I had some very salty tortilla chips a couple days ago so maybe is a combo of all 3.

  • verzanie
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    if you upped your exercise and your muscle are sore fluids will build up around them to help repair them. I put on albs just after starting a very intense exercise activity AND I always gain 2-4 lbs just before TOM so don't worry!!