Flaxseed oil?

Random post but I am going to try consuming a tablespoon of flaxseed oil each day as a remedy for my eczema. I get horrible eczema on my hands and elbows, especially in the winter, which doesn't always respond well to prescription creams...but I've heard of ingesting flaxseed oil so I'm willing to give it a try. (Even though that means 'wasting' 110 calories each day on this stuff grrr...clearly I'm desperate). My question is does anyone have any ideas of what to use it in? I've thought about mixing it with peanut butter or my Greek yogurt. Any other thoughts? Does anyone actually cook with it?


  • quiksylver296
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    I buy the pills, much easier to ingest. I also cook with the flax seed meal, and the seeds. I add the meal to anything I bake, add the seeds to muffins, banana bread etc. I use it to get my Omega-3's because I'm not a big fish eater. It also helps my PMS symptoms. I have never used the oil, but I've heard you can't heat it which limits its usefulness in my opinion.
  • Phrick
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    You shouldn't bake or fry with the oil itself, its smoke point is too low and you lose the good fats you're after. Cook with flax meal though. I used to work for Barlean's, the US's leading manufacturer of cold-pressed flax oil. When I worked there I would take my Tbsp in berry yogurt, it made it taste kind of like pie (if you closed your eyes and prayed real hard). Most of the people I knew then who took it would just drink it straight but I could never get the oil down my throat plain. So it was always yogurt.