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How do I get over Chinese food cravings?!!

alltheweigh170alltheweigh170 Member Posts: 290 Member Member Posts: 290 Member
So Chinese food is my weakness. Everytime I go to pick my kid up from Taekwondo, it is very hard to resist the smell from the Chinese restaurant next door. I have not caved in yet, but what is the best way to stop thinking about it and get over these cravings. I know I should probably plan it into my diet and allow a day where I can enjoy it with proper planning.

I am just scared because this is the first time in a long time where I have not given up after just a week or two of dieting and eating these kind of foods will derail me again.


  • SherryTeachSherryTeach Member Posts: 2,833 Member Member Posts: 2,833 Member
    Make your own delicious stir fry.
  • imani533imani533 Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    I make my own. That way, I can control the ingredients. I use low sodium and low fat everything. I love to add lots of veggies brocolli, baby carrots, water chestnuts, colorful peppers. I just make a huge stir fry. It's been working for me so far.
  • kazzsjourneykazzsjourney Member Posts: 702 Member Member Posts: 702 Member
    Thats what I was going to suggest...make your own home made version of your favourite meal at the takeaway...if its humungously high calories you can prolly find a healthier version on the internet :)
  • lisalowerlisalower Member, Premium Posts: 30 Member Member, Premium Posts: 30 Member
    ^^^^^^ Great idea!

    Alternatively, I have a local that makes shrimp with vegetables without sautéing the shrimp in oil (they are steamed) and the white garlic sauce is served on the side. It's yummy! I order brown rice and try to limit to less than half a cup.
  • chera79chera79 Member Posts: 41 Member Member Posts: 41 Member
    Oh my goodness, this is so me! I LOVE chinese food and it seems every shopping center I go to has that delicious smell floating around. My favorite is orange chicken. But I'm like you, this is the first time I haven't quit after just a week or two. I'm doing so well and I'm afraid if I give a little I'll just blow it and go on an all out chinese food binge. But the truth is, if this is to be a healthy LIFESTYLE change, it's unrealistic to think we can avoid it forever. I am instead going to do my best to steer clear for this month from the actual restaurants while I'm still creating my healthy habits. During that time, I plan on experimenting with my own Asian cooking. In fact, today I went to the store and bought some of the common ingredients in chinese food and plan to search some recipes tonight. So basically, you are not alone. And you can do this. Maybe we can share recipes and offer each other support? I definitely think learning to cook some of it on your own will help! :)
  • lisalowerlisalower Member, Premium Posts: 30 Member Member, Premium Posts: 30 Member
    Forgot to mention I had a fixation on a bacon cheeseburger and fries for weeks! Eventually I decided to go get it! But I left off the bacon, used American cheese (lowest cals), and had only half the fries. I also did a bigger workout that day. It was great and I remained within my goal for the day. The fixation is gone now as well :-)
  • lklkl5lklkl5 Member Posts: 113 Member Member Posts: 113 Member
    I love chinese food. My husband and I make it at home. I substitute quinoa for rice in fried rice,add in the vegetables and teriyaki chicken, substitute egg beaters for the egg. I have found frozen egg rolls in the grocery store for 120 calories each. It is great. We also will go to our local chinese restaurant. I order chicken and asparagus with sauce on the side, my husband gets chicken and broccoli with sauce on the side. We eat rice in moderation. Our approach however is a lifestyle change and nothing is out of bounds. We just calculate and make good choices or adjust the next meal. Our motto is "If you deprive, you won't survive".
  • sPaRkLiNgLYFEsPaRkLiNgLYFE Member Posts: 609 Member Posts: 609
    I moved some place where they don't deliver, and I don't feel like driving to them either so I guess that's that
  • WendyTerry420WendyTerry420 Member Posts: 13,349 Member Member Posts: 13,349 Member
    Learn to make it yourself. :flowerforyou:
  • alltheweigh170alltheweigh170 Member Posts: 290 Member Member Posts: 290 Member
    Thank you everyone. I will have to stop by the store and pick up everything needed to make the fried rice I love. Infact, I will make the cauli"fried" rice. I had made it once and it was not too bad.

    I think this new lifestyle change requires planning and somedays you just don't want to be the one doing the cooking, but I will think of the small-sized dress hanging in my closet and make the effort to cook the darn thing! ;-)

    Thanks for all the ideas!
  • S_U_M_M_E_RS_U_M_M_E_R Member Posts: 220 Member Posts: 220
    I crave it all the time. What I have discovered is a very spicy dijon mustard from the grocery store. I put it on my brown rice and broccoli and I FEEL like I am eating Chinese food, but without the fat and the sodium. Ironically, I was just telling a client today that it takes away my Chinese food cravings. You could add chicken too, but I usually don't.
  • SwimFan1981SwimFan1981 Member Posts: 1,454 Member Member Posts: 1,454 Member
    Make your own but without the added MSG etc.
  • xaMEricaxaMErica Member Posts: 286 Member Member Posts: 286 Member
    Make your own delicious stir fry.

    Oh yeah! Chinese is my weakness also. I can easily eat an entire weeks worth of calories in one sitting! Making my own stuff is the only thing that really helps.
  • FrancklySaraFrancklySara Member Posts: 18 Member Posts: 18
    When I have a craving, I find it almost impossible to simply stop thinking about the object of my craving. What DOES work for me is to replace that image with something else. First I picture whatever I'm craving, and I say to it"You are very tasty, but you are not good for me, and I choose not indulge in you." Then I picture something that inspires me - the numbers on the scale when I reach my next land mark, fitting into an old pair of jeans, my doctor praising me at my next checkup, a coworker asking if I've lost weight, etc. I try to come up with something new everytime. I really concentrate on the idea, put myself in the situation, feel the sense of accomplishment and self respect I'll feel when I reach my goals. Then I say "This is what I choose!" I also say a prayer and ask for strength to do God's will - I know His will isn't for me to be a slave to food - and trust that He'll help me. Good luck!!!
  • lfergurson1lfergurson1 Member Posts: 137 Member Member Posts: 137 Member
    I am a cashew chicken junky and I make my own now ... you just need to look up some low cal recipes for your favorite things. The cashew chicken I make I usually make alot a huge pot...then I portion and count it out freeze it for those days. Do that for awhile and if that doesnt work eat it count the calories workout watch the scale and see what happens we are going to have bad days in this journey . Most people here will probably agree this is a life change not a diet. So if you had it 4 times a month before , have it once a month now if you cant beat the cravings. I find my mind tends to make me feel negleted until I actually get to eat whatever it is I think I have to have. Then ya get over it!
  • diajondiajon Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I loved it also and when I want some I go to smart ones from weight watcher as they have a few really good tasting ones.
  • delekiumdelekium Member Posts: 40 Member Member Posts: 40 Member
    Maybe you are craving for the MSG in Chinese food?
  • mrsg2006mrsg2006 Member Posts: 126 Member Member Posts: 126 Member
    When I want chinese from a take out place, I get steamed tofu or shrimp or chicken and veggies with brown sauce on the side and brown rice.
  • kristen6022kristen6022 Member Posts: 1,926 Member Member Posts: 1,926 Member
    I either just go order it or make my own. Chinese food can be good for you. Light sauce items with limited rice.

    It's not Chinese, but I made Pho last week and it was 300 calories per bowl. TASTIEST THING EVER!
  • now_or_never13now_or_never13 Member Posts: 1,606 Member Member Posts: 1,606 Member
    There are tons of recipes online for you to make chinese food at home. My mother has a recipe that makes a fried rice better than the restaurants.

    Otherwise, treat yourself now and again. Fit it into your calories and choose healthier things. Have chinese food now and again. Personally, I don't think anything should be denied (unless you have to due to a medical issue) because it just leads to binging... at least for me. If you decide to go out order small amounts (or if you eat in pack up half our meal once you get it) and pick the healthier options.
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