After seeing all the benefits of mfp, I need some friends!!

Gosh I feel kind of desperate haha. I have been getting more involved with MFP this last week and I have really enjoyed it. Especially all the motivation and tips that I am getting from all of you. My goal is to log on atleast once a day, keep track of everything I eat and continue to work out 6 days a week. If you are more of a person who worksout 1-3 days a week, I am not here to judge but who knows what we could learn from eachother uknow. I am a single mom to two kids and probably just like you struggle with not only finding the time but the motivation to stick to my program.

Let's do this journey together :)


Love seeing typos, after you post something......makes me feel oh so smart haha


  • shutterbug282
    shutterbug282 Posts: 588 Member
    Hey there! :) Feel free to add me, I'm always looking for more active friends! :) Sounds like you're doing great so far! :)
  • rootsbeforebranches
    We have the same goals! I've been back on the past week as well. I go to the gym 5 days a week and workout at home on Saturdays.
  • ken1994
    ken1994 Posts: 495 Member
    not easy being a parent and trying to do this! Friend request has been sent!
  • KathyWel
    KathyWel Posts: 140
    Sending friend request. Anyone else can feel free to add me as well for motivation and support :)
  • Seaglass1123
    Seaglass1123 Posts: 500 Member
    Feel free to add me. Here every day and a very supportive pal
  • HealthyWarrior
    HealthyWarrior Posts: 394 Member
    Congrats on your weightloss so far. Feel free to add me as a friend. I am on everyday and I log and exercise and keep on pushing to reach my goals.
  • FitToFifty
    FitToFifty Posts: 164 Member
    Anyone can send me request. I have been using MFP for over a year and I love the support and ideas that I find on here. I am currently training to run my first 5K on April 13th.
  • jessykab74
    jessykab74 Posts: 167 Member
    WOW Thank you everyone for the friend requests and the invite to add you. I am excited to go through this with people that understand me, give me motivation and to just learn from you all. :)

  • Kyrosh
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    Hi there,

    I'm a mother too (not a single one though, that must be hard!) of an almost 5 year old boy! I try to exercise when he's in bed, which is normally around 8pm when I start... I do everything at home, like jogging in place in front of the tv or butt and abs exercises with my iPhone. It works wonders for me so far which is good. Have you tried the 30 Day Shred from Jillian already? It only takes up 20 minutes of your time a day and you might be able to do it when the kids are in bed.

    You can always add me as a friend if you like :)

    x Cynthia
  • keninf
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    hi! feel free to add me too- I have started to be more open with my journey and am enjoying gaining more friends to lean on along the way!