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If you weigh yourself every day, do you change your weight on MFP every day also?


  • Yup! It goes in the books either way. :-) I think it helps me see the relationship between what I eat, sodium and how active I am. I find that it is pretty consistent.
  • kristy6ward
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    I only log my weight on Sunday mornings, everything else is fluctuation.
  • jessmart83
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    I weigh myself every morning, but I only log it into MFP once a week. My weight changes every day, so I just stick to 1 day of actually logging.
  • I weigh myself every day, log it in, put my food and exercise in MFP. This stops me from overeating (or putting things in my mouth) that I know will cause a weight gain the next morning. Even if the weight is water weight - I hate it. I have been maintaining for 5 months and believe me, a night of "binging" increases the lbs by 3-4 lbs and it takes a week to get back to maintenance weight. I know that the weight will creep on slowly so I want to nip it in the bud before it is an issue.
  • jade2112
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    I weight so often I bought an extra scale and took it to work. I go in the bathroom, remove my clothes, weigh, get dressed, hide the scale, and go back to work. It's become an obsession.
  • DopeItUp
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    Of course.
  • PetulantOne
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    I weigh everyday but log on here once a week.
  • redheaddee
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    I weigh monthly and judge better by how I feel and how my clothes fit. Screw the scale!
  • dhiammarath
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    I weigh everyday and the sync with my FitBit account (I have an Aria scale) happens automatically. I look for BF% number and less scale number, but the actual update with MFP happens automatically due to the FitBit sync.
  • TrishaCooper423
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    I also weigh myself every day, but i only log once a week. Usually on Mondays! I hate having to log my gains if i do not do well over the weekend, But Mondays are definitely the days!
  • gatorginger
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    I weigh everyday and I am in maintenance now. No I don't log it when I have a cheat day and gain a pound instead I just cut back on my calories for a few days to get it back off. If I were to gain a lot I would log it but I usually only gain 1 or 1 1/2 so I don't but I keep myself accountable for it lol but cutting back the next few days so I can cheat again :}
  • LaLaAlways
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    i weigh in on Wed and log that morning only.
  • I only weigh once a week on Friday mornings also.
  • iorahkwano
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    Once a week, I try to always make it a Monday (Unless something unusual happened the night before that would cancel out normal results).

    Day-to-day weighing in won't provide an accurate measurement of your progress. It will only show slight increases or decreases due to food weight, water weight, sodium, hormonal changes, etc. And that can be discouraging & make people think they've gained 4lbs in 1 day.

    The body cannot make or lose a pound in one day. 1 pound is 3500 calories, so you need a deficit of 3500 for your body to lose. This means if your daily intake is 1750 calories a day, you'd have to eat NO CALORIES for 2 days for your body to lose an actual pound of body weight (1750 + 1750 = 3500)