Snack ideas?

sugboog29 Posts: 630 Member
I'm looking for new snack ideas. I currently take a serving of plain almonds with me to work and make them last throughout the day. I've also brought in Cutie's every now and then to eat. Any suggestions? In the mood for something new and exciting!


  • nbradshw
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    Try carrot sticks, celery stalks, cucumber slices, bell pepper (yellow, orange & red) slices, grape tomatoes, Triscuits, and 100 calorie snacks. All fresh fruit is better than canned but there is also fruit cups in natural fruit juice not syrup. Jello-O cups, Fat-Free Pudding cups. The only thing about snacks is to monitor the sugar intake but they have protein and fiber benefits.
  • diannethegeek
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    Some of my go-tos include:
    hummus (with veggies)
    laughing cow cheese wedges (with carrots or special K crackers)
    hard boiled eggs
    trail mix
    Greek yogurt (often I mix mine with fruit, granola, PB2, or nuts)
  • jennymendiola
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    My favorite snacks for the work day are: the 100 cal popcorn bags, almonds, apple with pb, carrots with hummus, triscuits with laughing cow cheese slice
  • MG_Fit
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    I eat carrots and hummus for my snack.
  • jillmarie125
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    I love apples and PB. Cucumber slices and salsa is also really good and very low cal.
  • PhotogNerd
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    Tacos or sausages. Hands down.
  • DeeVanderbles
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    Peanuts (allergic to actual nuts)
    String Cheese (low sodium or low fat)
    Crackers and Peanut Butter when I need something higher calorie
  • x_cinder_x
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    The Laughing cow has these light cheese spreads. One of my favorites is garlic and cheese. 35 calories per wedge :happy: and imo it goes far. I use it on/in all sorts of stuff. I like to split a wedge between two light rice cakes. Totally culls my cheese & cracker type cravings for under 100 calories.
  • lseed87
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    Yogurt with banana slices and some strawberries. Even some walnuts if you wanted.
  • UrbanLotus
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    My standards that I take to work are:
    1/2 avocado with lemon/salt
    string cheese
    laughing cow wedges
    Eggo waffles
    Campbell's soup to go cans
    hard boiled eggs
  • aseymour13
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    I'm right there =-
    hummus w/veggies
    celery w/PB
    nonfat cottage cheese w/fruit OR veggies
    radishes & cucumbers in Rice finger with some seasoning.
    apples, tangerines, grapfruit.
    String cheese
  • Rgon1102
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    My local health food store (Berkeley Bowl) sells these amazing dehydrated vegetable chips. My favorite are the green beans. These are straight up dehydrated vegetables - no flour, oil, or other addititives like most "veggie" chips in the market today.
  • darlilama
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    I've been mixing 1T of ranch-yogurt dip (10 cals) with a 3 oz can of chicken breast meat (70 cals) and wrap that in Romaine lettuce leaves. Tasty, very filling, good way to get in some protein and under 100 calories!
  • toxikon
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    I am loving flavoured popcorn. Half a bag (3 cups!) is around 170 calories and it really fills you up. I have Spicy Nacho at home and they also have Dill PIckle and Sour Cream & Onion. It's a great crunchy, salty alternative to chips. And it's not horribly unhealthy.

    I also enjoy apple slices with peanut butter, a banana (with peanut butter or yogurt), cheese slices and mandarins.
  • jennamt87
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    My favorite snacks which I almost always have at my desk:

    Fiber One bars
    Special K cereal bars
    Greek yogurt
    grapes (try them frozen!! yummmm!!)
    rice cakes
    whole wheat English muffin or toast with some PB

    It is true that most of these have sugar, so be sure to watch that, if thats a concern of yours!
  • darlilama
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    Also, I use PB2 paste made with water with my celery sticks instead of actual peanut butter to keep the calories way down (3 oz celery sticks and 1T PB2 paste is around 60 cals).
  • robin820
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    sunflower seeds, sugar free jello, sugar free pudding cups, popcorn, fiber one bars, nature valley protein bars, apples and fat free caramel dip, little hard candies, some honey nut cheerios, mini marshmellows, fruit snacks or fruit roll ups. lite applesauce, enlgish muffin and PB. So many options out there. low cal string cheese, hershey simple pleasures.... list goes on and on, weight watchers fudge bars, or fruit smoothie bars. smoothies,
  • Fresh fruit, raisins, fat free yoghurt, celery and carrot sticks, apple slices... I could go on forever! Maybe try other nuts instead of almonds for a bit of variety. I personally love cashews, pistachios and pecans! You could dip your carrot sticks in hummus, dip your apple slices or celery in pb and dip your fresh fruit in yoghurt! c:
  • JHarr454
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    dried fruit
    fresh fruit
    Lara bars
  • XRavenhood
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    Cheesy Kale chips!

    Ingredients: 1/2 bunch kale (6 cups lightly packed), 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1/8-1/4 tsp salt.

    Directions: Rinse the kale and shred it into pieces. Stir the olive oil, lemon juice/nutritional yeast and sea salt together in a bowl. Add the kale to the bowl and coat the leaves with the dressing with your hands. Lay out on a baking sheet and bake at 200-250F until they get crispy, keeping an eye on them, rotating racks and flipping the chips once they start to get a bit crispy. (May take half an hour or an hour. Best made with a dehydrator though, nutrition and taste wise.

    They are deliciously addictive, loaded with vitamins and protein. They make you thirsty afterwards though as the kale will soak up whatever liquids you got in you, haha, so make sure to drink up.