Routine changes vs weight loss

I started here in January and lost a decent amount of weight my first month. Toward the end of February I started a new job that has me on my feet walking a lot (10+ miles a day according to my fitbit), I also go to school for clinicals and I am on my feet there moving around a lot. I found that when I started my new job that I quit losing weight. Last week, after about 3 weeks on the job I started losing again. I just found out today that I will be going to night shift and changing up my schedule again. My question is does your daily routine change how your body reacts to weight loss or gain and is there anything that I can do to turn it around? Is this normal for the body to react this way? Has anyone else had this problem? If there is nothing I can do about it, that is fine I just want to mentally prepare myself if I need to.


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    Stress or lack of sleep can cause a stall - probably more so than the just change of routine. Also if you're suddenly much more active be sure you're eating enough to account for all that additional activity, otherwise that also could have been the cause for the stall.
  • Good job on your efforts. I have ben maintaining for 6 months and found that maintenance is harder than losing!! It was easier to say NO to everything than to have a "little" every now and then. But.... I am coming to the conclusion that this is what lifelong maintenance is all about. Eat healthy, exercise and every now and then, if you have something you know is not really a great thing, accept it and get back on track. This CANNOT be an everyday thing!!! Special occasion etc. but... I weight everyday to stop myself from the weight gain creep up.