Not the winner, but certainly not a loser…or am I? (PICS)

We did a weight loss challenge at work & the person with the most percentage of their weight lost would win…our last weigh in was yesterday, we knew it would be close between 3 of us and I’m super bummed to say I didn’t win by than 1%

Of course I logged onto MFP on January 7th a week before we began the challenge & dropped 7 pounds in 7 days, had that been added to my total I would have easily won.

I am still proud of myself because since January 14th:

My BMI went down 4 points

I dropped 18 pounds (just during the competition with 25 pounds total so far at my weight now I am 1.2 pounds from 10% of my original weight)

I also dropped a total of 11.5 inches off my waist, neck, hips & bust (wish I would have measured my thighs too)

When we come back from Spring Break we are starting a new round SOOOOOO this girl will for sure take the $$$ then!!!

OH BTW I found out for the last 8 weeks my coworker that barely beat me has only had shakes for breakfast & lunch and just veggies & fruit…she is miserable, where I have not eliminated anything from my diet but instead have worked to keep everything in moderation!

Before I started MFP & 7 weeks later



  • PamelaGatorMom
    PamelaGatorMom Posts: 348 Member
    not sure why the pics aren't showing??? my first time to try this
    OK I can't get photobucket to work BUT I uploaded the pic & made it my profile picture :)
  • PamelaGatorMom
    PamelaGatorMom Posts: 348 Member
  • zhvah18
    zhvah18 Posts: 158 Member
    Awesome job! Good luck in your second round. You look fantastic.
  • 3foldchord
    3foldchord Posts: 2,918 Member
    you look great in your profile pic! (I can't get pics to post right on forums)
    You did quite well indeed!

    PS: extra Kudos for being healthy and good luck on round #2
  • justlistening
    justlistening Posts: 249 Member
    Great job losing that weight!! You definitely will be keeping it off whereas the 'winner' may have some 'bumps' in the road ahead.
  • sfdf40
    sfdf40 Posts: 32 Member
    Every pound lost makes you a winner! Keep in mind that your co-worker is not changing her lifestyle, so will probably gain the weight back when she goes back to eating normally... If she's miserable you know she won't keep it up.
  • verptwerp
    verptwerp Posts: 3,659 Member
    You are CERTAINLY a winner, no matter what :drinker:
  • ChocoCheeseaholic
    ChocoCheeseaholic Posts: 55 Member
    Congratulations on doing so well and making it a lifestyle change! I'm actually in my last week of a biggest loser challenge through my gym and as of last week I was in 3rd. I too have been doing it the right way, though admittedly for this last week I will probably reduce my calories and may even fast the day before my final weigh in. The winner gets $800 soooo I think it's worth a shot ;-)
  • SoDamnHungry
    SoDamnHungry Posts: 6,998 Member
    Great job! Sounds like you "won" the right way. =D
  • kmchambers64
    kmchambers64 Posts: 158 Member
    Great job, and what a fun way to keep motivated!
  • stephanj
    stephanj Posts: 898 Member
    Can't see pics but wanted to say congrats on your success and hard work!
  • PamelaGatorMom
    PamelaGatorMom Posts: 348 Member
    Thank you everyone! My goal was to drop pounds & get healthier by making small changes so I do feel like in the long run I will be much better off.
  • ednaemerson
    ednaemerson Posts: 63 Member
    Pam: I think you have done so great. You are a very inspiring person and you lost the weight the right way. You will certainly win the battle with your outlook. From some who is very happy to be your friend.
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