Small NSV

I went shopping yesterday with my mom. I bought some new cross trainer shoes, and a great dress. I normally don't buy 1 piece dresses because they have never fit me right. I saw this dress on the rack and I wanted it. I went to the fitting room, slipped it over my head, fastened the belt, and held my breath.

I turned around really slow to face the mirror, I loved what I saw! This dress really fit my new waistline, it hugged were it should have hugged and flowed where it should have flowed.

I was so happy, and no one in my real life understands my happiness over a simple dress.


  • lisad1971
    lisad1971 Posts: 33 Member
    People who haven't had weight issues have a tough time understanding how amazing it feels to be able to try on a new piece of clothing and actually like what you see.

    Depending on how large one is can severely limit the number of stores where clothes actually fit. Most plus size clothing is absolutely hideous, not to mention overpriced!

    Enjoy that dress!
  • cathers_
    cathers_ Posts: 70
    Enjoy the dress. Such a great treat!
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