Chia Seeds

After some research and looking into Chia Seeds, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? Do they really do what they are supposed to? Any and all opinions/advice is welcomed.

P.S. I may have mispelled it too :/


  • Phrick
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    I saw a recipe on Pinterest for Chia Fudge around Christmas and promptly went and bought some and tried it. It was great fudge but really mucked up by the chia seeds! They're crunchy little bits of stuff that get caught in your molars and if they stay there very long they get slimy and really gross. I can't take 'em.
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    I take at least two tablespoons daily sometimes up to six. I usually mix them just in water and drink or put them into some veggie/fruit juice I just made. I've also used in my yogurt, and salads. They don't taste like anything really. If you let them sit in water they turn into a jelly type substance.

    I like them for the omega 3 & fiber content. I think they have been a healthy addition to my diet.
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    my BFF puts them in her water at work, she says they make her feel full so she eats less. She says they don't taste like anything really, but honestly they look nasty, like little gelatenous eggs floating in snot, I'm not sure how she can drink it..... ewwwww :noway:
  • I put mine in my tea, yougurht or in overnight oatmeal. I enjoy them

    They are a good source of fiber and omegas IMO if you don"t mind them it does not hurt
  • sugarandspice27
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    My experience is they're good! I've recently turned pescaterian (mostly vegetarian and some days vegan), so I eat them for the omegas and because they're supposedly a super food. I like adding them to salad for a little texture and crunch and also pretty much any type of cooked vegetables. I really like them with broccoli.
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    I like this link.....tells a lot of the advantages.

    I like to just add them to soups and yogurt for a little extra bulk and help with my blood sugar. They take on the taste of whatever you put them in so its easy to add them.
  • sugarandspice27
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    Here is a nice summary of the benefits. After reading this, I'm gonna have to get more serious about my chia consumption!
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    Chia seeds are very healthy for you I also cant stand them when they are soaked in liquid. They are too slimy. I grind them up like I do with my flax seeds and I put some in my smoothies. I usually put 2 T flax and 2 t chia seeds in my smoothies. I find that it fills me up more and I don't get hungry for quit a long time. The fruit makes the smoothies taste like a goody to me and that also helps with my cravings.
  • ammadove
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    I mix 2 TBSP Chia seeds with 1 cup water and use this to replace eggs in most recipes. Also use them to add fiber and omega 3's to anything I can. They don't have much flavor but pack a powerhouse of benefit.
  • reen62
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    I have found that although they have virtually no taste I don't like them getting caught in my teeth either and don't like the texture in smoothies etc. So.. I have started grinding them in a small coffee grinder and it makes it a powder of sorts. This way I can add it to soups, smoothies on my oatmeal etc and I still get the same benefits without the issue of the "seed".
  • ThickMcRunFast
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    1. Don't trust an article from a website that is trying to sell you the product the article is about.

    2. Before I came here, I had heard about chia seeds as a supplement for endurance runners (during 100 mile races and such), but never as a weight loss tool. They aren't bad for you, and have a lot of good stuff, but they aren't some miracle supplement.
  • Brad805
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    I found a good recipe for a Chia Seed pudding that is a great snack. I was leary, but after trying it I was impressed. The author of this blog is a fitness competitor and a great girl that likes to research and cook. The pics didn't copy along, but the recipe is below.

    Monday, January 21, 2013
    Chia Seeds
    Usually when people hear the word "chia", the first thought that comes to mind is chia pet. I don't blame you if that's what crossed your mind because I always think the same thing.

    I started using chia seeds in my shakes and oats because they are actually a super food. Here are some facts about the amazing chia seed.

    They are an amazing source of omega 3 fatty acids.
    - Chia seeds are a complete protein, meaning that it has the appropriate balance of all essential amino acids.
    - Being high in fibre, a 15 gram serving of chia seeds will provide 4 to 5 grams of fibre.
    - They contain boron, which is essential for bone health.
    - Being calcium rich…about 2 ounces of chia seeds contains 600 mg of Calcium, as compared to 120 mg for a cup of milk.
    - Chia seeds have 2 times more potassium than a banana and 3 times more antioxidants than blueberries.
    - Chia seeds cause a slow release of carbohydrates and an equally slow conversion of carbohydrates into glucose (blood sugar) for energy.

    There are also a tonne of things you can do with these mildly-nutty tasting chia seeds from eating them right out of the bag, sprinkling them on salads, stirring them into shakes, to baking with them.

    And, because chia can hold a lot of water, they transform into a thick gel when mixed with liquid, perfect for making puddings and jellies. Which is exactly what I did.

    Stir 2 tablespoons of chia seeds with 4-5 tablespoons of water, 1 cup fresh blueberries, and a few scoops of stevia in a blender and then refrigerate overnight.

    Mix 2 tbsp chia seeds with 1 cup of water and let sit for 15-20 minutes on the counter, stirring occasionally. In a food processor or mash by hand very well, blend 1 banana, a few scoops stevia and 2 tbsp cocoa powder. Whisk in with the chia mixture and refrigerate overnight.

    There are many combinations you can play around with. You can also use almond milk, coconut milk or rice milk. You can sweeten with honey or agave. I put chia right in my oatmeal in the morning and it helps keep me full. Try it!
  • I like Chia Seeds I put it on every food I eat or drink. I always feel so full after breakfast or lunch. I bought the ground Dole Chia, they also have the chia & fruit cluster, Mix Berry, Cranberry Apple and Tropical fruit. visit This thing fills you up so quick.
  • Koldnomore
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    I used to use whole ones but I had the same problem with them getting stuck where they shouldn't be so I switched to the ground ones. I will still use them occasionally but for the amount that you need to use to get the benefit it's not really that useful to me. I'll use about 5g in my overnight oats when I make them but that's about all. I didn't find any noticeable benefit except to make my oats a little thicker but YMMV.
  • mlogantra76
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    I love them. I don't know if they are a miracle cure or anything but they are good for you. I put 2T in a 1/2 cup of vanilla soy milk along with 2 T of PB2. I like the consistency but can see why some might not:)
  • linbert57
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    A tbsp. in my morning nutriblast every day!
  • NJL13500
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    I add them to muffins instead of poppy seeds and I have started adding them to homemade healthy chocolate chip cookies. They pass the "kid test" at my house. I also put them in steel cut oatmeal and apples that I make in the crock pot.

    I haven't tried them as an egg substitute or just plain in water yet.
  • megsmom2
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    I use them in overnight oats to give it better texture. They don't seem to have a lot of flavor by themselves, and they do have some nutrition worth investigating. All in all...not essential, but a nice thing to have in the pantry.
  • zonah
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    my BFF puts them in her water at work, she says they make her feel full so she eats less. She says they don't taste like anything really, but honestly they look nasty, like little gelatenous eggs floating in snot, I'm not sure how she can drink it..... ewwwww :noway:

    LOL very funny. I work with seniors and what I like about them is that they become gelatinous I can thicken water, juice' soup to feed to my clients that have a hard time swallowing. It's way better then the cornstarch crap they use to thicken liquids with and way more nutritious.
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    I agree. I tried chia seeds for one month and everyday someone would point out there was something in my teeth. They swell between your teeth and are impossible to rinse away completely. Also, didn't make me full and did not help with weight loss. The only thing I lost was the money I spent on them.