Skin reactions to eating healthy?

Hi everyone,

My wife and I both started on MFP about 3 weeks ago. I need to drop my weight much more than her (she's just very very little overweight). We've been following MFP guidelines, and cooking healthy like never before. We watch all our macros as well.

However, since we started this, my wife (she asked me to ask since her English is not that good) started getting some acne in her back (just like a few zits). Throughout these 3 weeks we've been following MFP, it's like each time one of those zits goes away, another one appears...

She's somewhat concerned (and frustrated) about this, as the only thing that has changed in these past 3 weeks is following MFP and changing our eating habits (which included hamburgers and pizza every other day and with which she had no acne).

Has anyone experienced anything similar? We would like to think it is a temporary thing due to the change of eating habits but would love to hear from more experienced people doing MFP regarding whether this is "common" or at least if it has happened to you...


  • bunbunzee44
    bunbunzee44 Posts: 592 Member
    I've only experienced a little bit of dry skin..
  • wllwsmmr
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    The only cause of back acne I know of is because of not keeping it clean, maybe you're exercising and sweating and then not showering immediately after? Also might be some hormonal reactions, I think it'd be best to check with a doctor!
  • PosterPens
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    when i first started eating healthy this month, i experienced extreme migraines and severe facial pimples and blotches. but i remembered i was technically DETOXING the toxins and grease and grossness from what i used to put in my body daily, and this is how it affected me. now, clear skin, no migraines etc. and i feel a MILLION TIMES BETTER.
  • Cindym82
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    I get that if I don't shower right away after exercising and sweating like a pig....I'm sure it's nothing :)
  • roxy280714
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    Im quite new to this also had a really rubbish diet before starting here (far too much chocolate and other junk food) have improved my diet for the last 3 weeks and Im drinking a litre and a half of water everyday (can't manage any more at minute) and my face is the worst it has ever looked. Im just hoping that its all the crap coming out and in a few weeks time my skin will be glowing :)
  • laurengaugler
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    No pimples, and not on my back, but I'm about 8 weeks in and 2 weeks ago my face started getting really dry and blotchy. I'm not really sure why.
  • rozojc
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    I hope it's just like a "detox" of grease and bad food thing... We do shower immediately after working out, and she always uses exfoliant soaps and that sort of stuff girls like ;-)

    Oh well... I guess we'll have to wait and see...