After 3 weeks of vacation, I didn't gain any weight!

sara_m83 Posts: 545 Member
Not only that, but I was down 1.6 lbs!

I spent the past 3 weeks on vacation in Borneo, eating noodles for every meal (yup, even breakfast). I saw a photo of myself and thought I had really let myself go and was going to have to start all over again when I got back. My plane got in after midnight and the next morning I braved the scales to see the damage - down 1.6lbs from my last weigh in three weeks before! I guess all the walking around with a 25lbs backpack, sweating through the jungle heat was enough to combat all the fatty foods I had been eating.

Great! Back to work!! Back to tracking calories!


  • shellee9tj
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    That's great, what a nice surprise!!:bigsmile:
  • NykkieC
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    That's amazing! Keep up the fantastic work!
  • That's fabulous! :drinker:
  • that is SOOOOO FABulous :D that is awesome sweetie :D keep up the great work and hard ship you have done :D<3
    never give up :D
  • aippolito1
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    Girl, that's great!!! :happy: I'm happy for you! NykkieZ, where you been girl?!
  • sara_m83
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    Thanks, all! I appreciate the encouragement!
  • kelkie11
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    that is awesome- I went on a cruise in october and gained at least 10lbs...what a horrible feeling that was !!!!!!
  • ashleynicoleb
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    That is actually amazing! I dread coming back from vacations and realizing how much weight I've gained :sad:
  • Johnnyswife
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    Sweetness! Did you eat the local food? If so, even if it was high in fat, it was probably a nice clean diet and good portion sizes too. :flowerforyou:
  • kwardklinck
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    I'm impressed!
  • VERY impressed! I leave for a 3 week vacation tomorrow... almost feeling kinda lost without the whole counting-calories thing, but I'll try to rely on portion control, and hopefully get some exercise while I'm gone! (:
  • Georg
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    Good for you!