sugboog29 Posts: 630 Member
So proud of myself....hubby and I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch! I always get chicken fajitas (made with no oil), extra pico de gallo, no tortillas, no sour cream, no guac, and usually no refried beans! The killer for me is the tortilla chips!! BUT today I had ONLY 7!!

I know it's a silly NSV....but I'm proud none the less!!


  • kathim429
    kathim429 Posts: 379 Member
    I LOVE Mexican, tortilla chips are my favorites! This is a MAJOR NSV...good job!!!!
  • tartsul
    tartsul Posts: 298 Member
    way to resist the temptation! those chips are my downfall too! if i eat one, it's all downhill from there...!
  • preaser
    preaser Posts: 85 Member
    7 is impressive! congrats!
  • dmcole13
    dmcole13 Posts: 133 Member
    great job!!! very impressive!
  • demorelli
    demorelli Posts: 508 Member
    Awesome job!! that's really something I have trouble with
  • trudijoy
    trudijoy Posts: 1,685 Member
    go you! god my favourite thing ever is corn chips. a trick i've learned is that instead of a pile of corn chips at a million calories, i heat taco shells and eat those. less fat, less calories, less sodium etc but just as satsfying
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