Harley Pasternak: The Body Reset Diet

Just read an interview with him about his new book. I'm curious about your opinion on it - if you have read it, what did you think?


  • jamcakez
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    Just finished reading Harley's book and I thought it was great. Written in a way that is up to date with the current way people live their lives. I'm going to be starting the program tomoro. I don't think it will be a tough transition since I regularly have smoothies. This will only take a bit of prep time and discipline. The only "tough" part may be...not indulging in a full meal at dinner time, which is a part of my day that I very much enjoy...getting to sit down & relax with my husband. Thankfully he is going to try the reset as well so we'll at least be able to have our dinner smoothies together. :)
    If you have a blender- I highly suggest checking this book out.
  • I started The Body Reset Program on Sunday March 17th and so far I love it. I had been on Weight Watchers since mid November and had lost 25 pounds - even through the Holidays! I hit a serious plateau by the end of January and nothing had moved since. It was time for me to consider a change to how I was eating once again. I find that I prefer structure over a period of time and The Body Reset Program is doing just that. The Apple Pie Smoothie is all that the name implies! Delicious and filling. I think the best part of the program is the nutrition knowledge I am gaining. I am giving it the 15 days and will see how I feel. Preparation in any program is key - so as long as you have fruits, vegs, nuts, etc on hand - prep time is a pleasant breeze. Another reason to love it!
    Happy Blending! :drinker:

    I am blending with The Nutribullet - < $100 - very efficient little machine! Easy clean up!
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    I'm curious to hear how you did on The Body Reset Diet. I am not a believer in diets, but I really like his nutrition info--nothing wacky about it, lots of good info and lots of recipes. I also like that it's short-term and helps you plan for "real life."

    Today was day 1 for me. The red smoothie was delicious. The green smoothie was super thick and a little tart, I may leave out the lime juice next time. I'm new to this type of smoothie, so I appreciate all of the recipes.
  • Kristilittle
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    I like it. It also reset my taste buds. My sense of salty and sweet and bitter have adjusted. I'm not so good at doing things in order or sticking to strict guidelines. The book made a lot of sense nutritionally. Yes my Apple Pie Smoothie is on auto pilot. I'm learning how to make my own in a balanced way. I'm full pretty much. (Except the night time grazing:) It's a refreshing change of pace. I haven't tried any of his recipes yet (I never seem to have all of the right ingredients at the same time). But I do follow the snack suggestions they give me a good idea of what will satisfy me. Crunchy and balanced with fiber and protein. Crunchy helps when you are having smoothies for every meal the first five days.
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    I haven't heard of it but I love reading about different plans-I'll have to see if my library has it :)
  • mizzoudays
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    I'm on day 2 of the plan. I've had immediate results but am so seeing how others have faired after day 15.
  • deidresilva
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    I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem... but finding 10 consecutive days to have 5 all smoothies, then 5 days half smoothies has been my biggest hurdle.. I've made it 4 days straight before I had a birthday party and memorial day fall inbetween, but I have been finding myself incorporating smoothies as much as possible! Today I'm Resetting my Reset Diet and starting again from Day 1... But last week after 4 days lost almost 4 lbs! Not too shabby!

    P.S. I used Raw Organic meal replacement powder in my second smoothie... omg blech so gross... but it helps ward off the hunger for a bit too :) Maybe using a meal replacement/protien ish powder might help! Besides that I really love the smoothies!!! I'm a fan!