What's your reward?

Hi everyone, happy Friday!
I have a goal - to lose another 7 pounds and reach my ideal weight by my 27th birthday. I've got exactly 2 months to go, and i'm confidant i can do this. When i get there, i'm going to celebrate by spending a weekend at a cabin in lovely Vermont. I'll be camping, swiming, hiking, and partying in the woods with my friends - sweet!
I want to give myself something else too. Something i don't usually get to do. Maybe a $200 shopping spree :love: , or a full body massage, maybe some new art supplies and classes, or i could treat myself to seeing one of my favorite musicians live...
So many options, i get excited just thinking about it. Visualizing these rewards is a great motivator for me. I'd love to hear about your goals and how you'll reward yourself when you reach them.


  • aippolito1
    aippolito1 Posts: 4,894 Member
    For my first goal, which I'm aiming to meet in a week and a couple days - just 2 more lbs - I'm going to get my hair highlighted.

    For my second goal, 10 more lbs by June 15, I'm going to get a pedicure.

    For my final goal, 10 lbs after that (and 40 total), I'm going to get a new tattoo...

    and soon I'm going to get a massage just because I'm so flippin' sore from all the working out I do!!

    I also am starting to set aside money for future rewards and part of that will go to new clothes, bikinis for summer, I need a new bike pump, and ROLLER BLADES!!!
  • Taliko
    Taliko Posts: 82 Member
    I moved away from my family about 4 years ago when my hubby got posted across the country. In those 4 years.... I've had 2 kids and gained a lot of weight... so I think my 'reward' is going to be when I go back for a wedding this fall and see them. I want them to look at me and NOT be thinking, "Wow what happened to her? she used to be skinny"
    Heh, most of them haven't seen me since I moved away.

    Other than that...
    I'm so going on a shopping spree when I hit my goal weight. Not even my "skinny" jeans will fit me then.
  • flwyland
    flwyland Posts: 142
    When I get to 25 pounds lost, hopefully by the end of May, I get a massage. At 54 pounds lost (I'll be at 199 then), should be by September 1st, I get my pink ribbon tattoo. At 75 pounds lost, aiming for the end of the year, I get an insulated riding suit for riding on the back of the motorcycle with my hubby.
  • LycraLegs
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    I actually love the tatoo idea...

    SW 105.7kg = 233 pounds = 16st 9lbs
    G1 16 st TREAT A few new clothes *ACHIEVED*
    G2 15 st TREAT Some roller blades :o)
    G3 14 st TREAT Going out salsa dancing (as I will be fit enough to join in for more than 1 song!)
    GW 82.6kg = 182 pounds = 13st TREAT Going out to a burlesque cabaret show
    UGW 69.9kg = 154 pounds = 11st TREAT... 3rd TATTOO :o)