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Ok...I'm 50 years old, 5'5", 178 pounds, female and work out a minimum of 5 days a week (usually 20-30 minutes), sometimes I get in 2 workouts a day. I've been "stuck" hovering around the same weight for almost a year. I am asking you to take a look at my diary, yes it is open, and give me some advice. I appreciate all advice, good or bad. i need to break over this hump and lose the last 30 pounds that I want to get off. Your thoughts?? Thanks!


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    It's not open.
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    I know when I hit a stall the first time I was "forced" to take 2 weeks off, due to having shingles during that time. I still ate my calories and watched what I did eat. When I started back up exercises after 2 weeks I dropped weight the first 4 weeks. I lost 5 lbs during that time. BUT then I stalled again and have been going back and forth losing and gaining 4-5 pounds. I am actually UP 5 pounds from my lowest weight....BUT I also just increased my calories a week and half ago PLUS I am weight training/strength training now too. So with all that said, maybe adding some weights into your routine could help, or give you body a break for a couple of weeks then get back to it. Couple of things I saw in your diary was the sodium intake and carbs, they were high on some days. I know its frustrating but again you may just need to take a BREAK for a bit let your body relax.
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    Sorry....diary is now open.
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    You have a lot of food items that are measured in cups or half cups. This can be widely inaccurate. Give this a read:

    And then watch this video for an example of how inaccurate measuring can be:

    Also, you don't seem to be consistently eating back your exercise calories. You need to be eating those back to fuel your workouts (unless you've already included them in your activity level, in which case you should be logging your workouts as 1 calorie).
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    You have a lot of food items that are measured in cups or half cups. This can be widely inaccurate. Give this a read:

    That's the thing...I measure everything I eat at breakfast and dinner because those meals are eaten at home. Yes, I estimate my lunch as I do eat it out M-F, but we go to the same restaurants and I have asked about serving sizes. I also tell them how I would like certain things fixed for me and they oblige.

    No, I know I don't always eat back my exercise calories...but if I'm not hungry I find it hard to force myself to eat.

    I hope this does not sound like I am making excuses....cause that is NOT what I want at all.....just looking for any way, shape, or form..!